Farm Experience Internship 2016

Farm Experience Internship 2016

Our international Summercourse is comming up: prepare for Agroecology in Practice! (

Prepare for the FEI: 25 Juli – 19 August 2016! Each summer, the Wageningen University is offering the Farm Experience Internship (FEI) for students and non-students. The FEI is a 3ECTS international summer course, which intends to bring together theoretical knowledge from (non-)students with practical skills and knowledge from farmers. Are you interested in growing your own food, discovering local knowledge and practices on organic farms in the Netherlands? Do you want to learn about permaculture, agroecology, food sovereignty and sustainable food systems? Or would you like to interact and discuss with farmers to find creative, innovative ways of farming? Join the FEI and send a mail to Continue reading

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11 Sept: MoestuinRomantiek


In de prachtige Ommuurde Tuin in Renkum (ooit moestuin van Koning Willem III) organiseren Boerengroep & Inspringtheater een programma over de liefde.

De groenteman leert je op een andere manier te kijken naar gewassen.
De imker vertelt je hoe bijen met elkaar verbonden zijn.
Een ecotherapeute laat je het ongewone voelen.
De tuinder kookt een diner. En er is een performance over de liefde.

Natuurlijk is er ruimte om dingen met elkaar uit te wisselen onder het genot van een drankje bij het kampvuur. Neem warme kleding mee en een kleedje om op te zitten (alle activiteiten zijn buiten).

Bij het kaartje zijn de kosten voor het diner en een drankje inbegrepen.
Zondag 11 September 2016
Deur open: 15:30
Start: 16:00

Reserveer uw kaartjes hier.
(Na aanmelding en betaling ontvang je een bevestigingsmail. Max 30 personen, dus wacht niet te lang met bestellen)

Facebook: MoestuinRomantiek

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25 June: Allemaal Lokaal excursion to dairy farm

allemaal lokaal

Importing soy from Latin America, so that we can feed our cows in Europe and eat cheap meat. Most people are not in favour of this production method. But what to do?

Farmer Gerjo and gardener Fred from the dairy farm Ruimzicht have one mission: to have a 100% local production system with care and attantion for the animals, the people and the environment. Their vision is to work as locally as possible, sponsor – and empower – the local economy, instead of the multinationals. They sell ‘amazon free milk and meat’ since the cows are fed with locally produced food. Moreover the farm generates its own energy and sells its products locally: in the farm shop, in the region via veggy bags and part of the cheese goes to Germany. Join the excursion to hear the full story! There’s also lots of food to taste, jummie! Continue reading

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27 June: Orphans of the Land


Jessica Milgroom (WUR) presents the documentary Orphans of the Land dealing with land grabbing and resettlement in Mozambique. She will give a short presentation beforehand and after the screening there will be a debate about development, nature conservation and people.

Tickets: for free
Location: filmhuis Movie-W (Wilhelminaweg 3A, Wageningen)

Continue reading

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15 June: Strengthening Farmer-led Seed Systems

poster small

-Free entrance
-Drinks and free snacks provided
-Live stream:


19:00: Doors open, drinks, small seeds market, info stands
19.30h: Opening word by Edith van Walsum (ILEIA)
Video message by Vanaja Ramprasad (India)
19.45h: Presentation by Edith Lammerts van Bueren.
20.10h: Presentation by Ronnie Vernooy
20.35h: Presentation by Rene Groenen
21.00h: Final round of Q&A
21.15h: Drinks, snacks and small seeds market
22.15h: Building closes Continue reading

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21 June: Excursion to Monsanto

poster monsanto excursion

Do you want to know what is happening inside the doors of Monsanto? We are most happy to announce that Monsanto Wageningen is opening its doors for Boerengroep…. Want to join us for a tour and a discussion afterwards, you can sign up here

Report of the visit to Monsanto. Patents vs breeders rights, breeding for new varieties and critical notes from Boerengroep. Read the full report here..

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June Grassroot Science: Palm Oil

Palm Oil poster

Otherwise, RUW, Boerengroep and FIAN Netherlands are organising a series of activities on the issue of Palm Oil production and consumption. This diverse programme consisting of a documentary screening, a panel debate, a Skype with local farmers and a workshop will be taking place throughout June.
Movie + Speaker
On the 8th of June Grass roots science will Kick off with a screening of Land grabbing! The documentary (Landraub) by Kurt Langbein takes a closer look into the grey shades of flex crops. Land grabbing addresses violations of land rights of local farmers under the neocolonialism phenomenon demonstrated by big land investments from international agro-business companies.
– Speaker:  A presentation about the ”flex crops” will take place, before the screening of Land Grabbing documentary, by the PhD researcher Yunan Xu.
The presentation will provide a preliminary analysis of how oil palm fits into the flex crop framework in terms of its material basis, technological feasibility and profit viability, as well as the challenging questions arise within the flex crop framework for critical transnational advocacy and campaigning efforts.
Yunan Xu is a PhD Candidate at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Netherlands. Her research interests include industrial tree plantations, land, agrarian development, rural capitalism and food safety.
Did you know that palm oil is hidden in cosmetics as sodium palmate but also lauryl glucoside and even coco-caprylate!? During the workshop by you’ll make your own deodorant and toothpaste from natural and ecological ingredients.
18 June, 14.00-17.00 Clockhouse Building, €8
Register now, limited places available! Send an email to with your name and phonenumber, payment on the day itself
Panel Discussion
The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is received as a true front runner in public private partnerships and as an example of innovative governance in the globalized 21st century. At the same time palm oil production is still making headlines for the substantial it has on producers, nearby communities and the environment alike.
During this paneldiscussion we will engage representatives from the RSPO department in the Netherlands, Academics and NGO representatives about the impact of the RSPO so far, how governance on palm oil production could be arranged different or how the RSPO could be improved.
June 21st 19:30
Location: To be Announced!
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28 May: DIY – Workshop how to slaughter a chicken

poster chicken workshopFor all of you who like to eat meat in an animal friendly way, one of the best options is to keep animals yourself and … slaughter them yourself. In this workshop we will teach you how to slaughter a chicken. The chickens are ‘organic’ (they had a wonderful time outside and have been fed with organic food). For €10,- you can follow the workshop and you can bring the chicken home for a nice local and animal friendly meal!



Date: 28 May
Time: 10:00-13:00
Costs: € 10,- (includes the chicken)
Place: Droevendaal, Common Barrack
(Note: there’s limited place available, full=full)

Sign up via:

Chickens in Europe

Robinson T.P., Wint, G.R.W., Conchedda, G., Van Boeckel, T.P., Ercoli, V., Palamara, E., Cinardi, G., D’Aietti, L., Hay, S.I and Gilbert, M. (2014) Mapping the global distribution of livestock. PLoS ONE 9(5):e96084. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0096084

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28 May: Festival – Long Live the Local Economy


(english below) Continue reading
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14 May: Chicken Excursion

Kip 14-5-2016

Its time for EGGS. They are everywhere: in our cookies, cakes, dishes and a nice omelet in the morning. But where do they come from exactly? Join us this Saturday on our one and only Chicken Excursion!

We will visit a ‘Rondeel’ farm, a concept of keeping chickens in a very special way. This concept was developed by the Wageningen University. The other layerpoultry farm is organic, so we can discover the differences in the way the chickens are kept. We will spent around 1.5 hours on each farm, during which the farmer will tell about his practices and reasons. You can find more information about the Rondeel farm here (in Dutch) ​

We will depart 8:30 in the morning, at the parking place in front of the Radix Building.

Don’t forget to bring your own lunch.

Costs are 6 Eur for students and 10 Eur for non-students (this includes transport to the two farms)

Sign up via the google form

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