17th of January: Biobeurs 2018

Every January, the Dutch national organic fair takes place in Zwolle! Everyone who has something to do with organic agriculture will be there: you can visit stands, there are workshops and lectures to visit. If you have any interest in organic agriculture, this is an event that you can’t miss!
Important note: most activites will be in Dutch. Please check the website https://www.bio-beurs.nl/ for all information and possibilities for non-Dutch speakers.

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New data shows: we are losing 22 farms a day in the Netherlands.

We live in a world where 1 out of 9 people suffer from hunger – some 815 million people in total. Eighty percent of them live in rural areas and are directly dependent on agricultural practices: small scale farmers (“peasants”), landless rural workers, fishers, shepherds, pastoralists, hunters and gatherers etc. (FAO 2017 ; Tittonell, 2015). … Read more

17th of December: Midwinter excursion to Ommuurde Tuin


For thousands of years, people have been coming together at this moment of year to celebrate MidWinter, or Winter Solstice – the time of year when we pass the shortest day and the longest night. Join Boerengroep and WSF on the 17th of December to this ancient celebration of MidWinter in the historical garden “De Ommuurde Tuin”, a CSA organic garden in Renkum (close to Wageningen).

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Vacature Penningmeester (m/v)

Onze penningmeesteres Linda, gaat haar werk bij de Boerengroep binnenkort neerleggen om zich te kunnen richten op haar studie bij de Warmonderhof. We zijn haar heel dankbaar voor al het werk dat ze voor Boerengroep heeft gedaan. Als penningmeester werk je immers op de achtergrond, maar je bent een onmisbare schakel in de stichting. Lijkt … Read more

7nd of December final event on Ghanaian Agriculture!


Ghana 7 dec narrow casting


On the 7th of December Boerengroep organises the final event of the series on Ghanaian agriculture. During this event there will be presentations about the state of agriculture in Ghana, the recent implementation of Agroecological policies, and the Challenges of Women in Agriculture in Ghana. Both the presenters have been working for local governments of Ghana for many years and are therefore very much aware of challenges and options for Ghanaian agriculture.

Furthermore, we will facilitate lively discussions amongst the audience and our three experts: Ivy Jones, Daniel Nyarko and Kees van Veluw!

To celebrate this succesful series, we will end the evening with a Ghanaian snacks bar and Ghanaian dancing music

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Beginning Farmers – let your voice be heard!

Are you: A beginning farmer, with approximately 10 years or less of farm management experience, A first generation farmer who didn’t take over an existing family farm? Then, please consider taking a 20-minute, confidential online survey (available in Dutch or English). In addition, all survey respondents can elect to enter a drawing for a €50 … Read more

A succesfull first Alternative Thesis Fair!


This year during Seriously Sustainable, the first Alternative Thesis Fair took place at Wageningen University! The goal of this event, organised by Green Office, Otherwise and Boerengroep, was to help organisations with thesis questions and students looking for a thesis find each other – and so they did.

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September 20: Get to know the Boerengroep!

The new academic year has started and many new students find their way to Wageningen. Did you hear about Boerengroep but are not yet sure what we do exactly? We want to invite you for dinner and drinks at our office next Wednesday (20th SEP). This is an opportunity to find out more about our … Read more