Impact of collaboration in Wageningen University and Research: new report by RUW

RUW and Otherwise organized several events and a research last year about the Impact of Collaboration. RUW has now released a report with the results of these activities. In it, they also make recommendations based on what people found important, and this with regard to Transparency, Decision Making (process and kind of companies for collaboration), … Read more

About palm oil

written by Romy van der Made You might have heard of it, you might have not. In the Netherlands, we consume at least 136,000 tons of it each year. That is about 8 kilos per person. It is one of the most used vegetable oils in the world. And last but not least, it is … Read more

Reflection on a BG Internship during COVID-19

The days are long, but the internship is short. While the pandemic has already skewed my sense of time and sense of self, I can say with certainty that my internship with Boerengroep flew by! I started in the fall of 2020 as a floater with vague ideas about saving the world through food. Fellow … Read more

Junk Agroecology – new report by TNI and Friends of the Earth

Friends of The Earth International, Transnational Institute and Crocevia published a new report: ‘Junk Agroecology’: The corporate capture of agroecology for a partial ecological transition without social justice’ Download here: Give it a read and let’s discuss.  

Publication YOUR LAND, MY LAND, OUR LAND by Nyéléni Food Sovereignty Movement

“Today the Nyéléni Food Sovereignty Movement in Europe and Central Asia (Nyéléni ECA) launches a practical tool to support and strengthen land struggles for small and medium-scale food producers and local communities. Land access issues, long since recognised in international and institutional spaces, are even more urgent in the current context: both due to the … Read more

Farmers’ Tales Episode 1: Chris Chancellor from Pluktuin Sayuran

Let’s gain some insight into the perspective of farmers during the changes that are currently affecting all of us. This week, in the first episode of the online Farmers’ Tales, we give the word to Chris Chancellor, farmer at Pluktuin Sayuran! What are the online farmers’ tales? Because of the Corona-measurements, Stichting Boerengroep and Stichting … Read more

What’s the deal with phosphorus?

By Louise Vercruysse, Joost Sleiderink, Aron Ortega, Esther van Hoof & Pablo Van Neste Join our event The phosphorus crisis: an alternative look from the forest , online, on the 12th of May! Phosphorus, Phosphate, P-levels are probably terms you have heard of in chemistry, biology or geology class. It is one of the essential … Read more