Note: events in Italic are non-Boerengroep events, though interesting to visit! (See also our Facebook page.

February 2018
14 – 17 Biofach, Nürnberg, Germany
24 Reclaim the Seeds market, Rotterdam.

January 2018
17 & 18 Biobeurs, Zwolle

December 2017
07 Christmas market by Boerengroep and Otherwise, Forum Stage, Wageningen Campus
07 Ghana Agriculture; women in Agriculture. 19:30, The Spot (Orion)
08 Het voedseljaar 2017. Pakhuis de Zwijger
13 Special Docu Night with Back to Basics and Harvesting Happiness, 20:00, Movie W, Wageningen
 17 Midwinter Sunday in organic garden Ommuurde Tuin (close to Wageningen)

November 2017
02 Ghana Agriculture; illegal mining on farm lands. Forum 19h
03-07 People’s Climate Summit 2017, Bonn, Germany
05  Harvesting Hapiness, 16.00, Movie-W

08 Documentary screening (Dutch): Het Mysterie van de Melkrobots, 20.00, Movie-W
09 Farmers’tales with Maria, 12:30, Impuls
16 Farmers’ tales with Arni Janssen, 12:30, Impuls
16 Ghana Agriculture; sand wining on farm lands. 19:00 Forum, C413
21 Wisdom of the Crowd & Value Creation ‘working lab 1′
23 Farmers’ tales with Kris Deveria, 12:30, Impuls
24 Celebrating Difference, Wageningen Storytelling nights, Thuis, Wageningen 
23 Is there a future for small-scale animal production in the tropics? Agromisa (&Veetelers) lecture series, 20:00 @ Impuls
24 NBV Themadag Organische stof in de Bodem, Wageningen

October 2017
04 landsymposium ‘Eigentijds eigendom van grond’
06 Thuis Festival, Thuis, Wageningen
09 Sustainability market, part of Seriously Sustainable (9/15 October), Forum, Wageningen.
12 Alternative thesis market, part of Seriously Sustainable (9/15 October), Forum, Wageningen. 
14 Excursion to Ommuurde Tuin as part of World food Day; Ede
14 Excursion to Ginkelse Hei
 as part of World Food Day; Ede
15 Movie: Harvesting Happiness, Movie-W. Film about CSAs
15 WorldFoodDay celebration in Hof van Twello, Twello
16 Eiwitdialogen 14.00 – 16.30, Impuls, Wageningen
21 Toekomstboeren Boerenvuur bij kwekerij De Vrolijke Noot
22 Open Day CSA farm “Veld en Beek” (close to Wageningen)
25 – 27  First Agroecology Europe Forum, Lyon, France

September 2017

08 Themadag Mest, Bodem en Voedselkwaliteit. 
11 Excursion to HORIZON
16 Bike excursion to Veld&Beek
20 Open board meeting – get to know the Boerengroep!
20 Second Mansholt lecture on Food policy & research, Brussels
21 Voedsel als Motor voor stedelijke vernieuwing, Dordrecht
22-23 Eureka!thon. Combinatie waterbeheer en natuurlijke landbouw
23 Bike excursion to Tuinderij de Stroom
23 Symposium Bloemrijk of Gifgroen, Utrecht  
24 ‘Rotzooi!’ Fermentatie-festival in Uit je Eigen Stad
28 Conference: Modern Biotechnologies in Agriculture, European Commission, Brussels
29 Green Gold discussion with Helmy Aboulish (SEKEM), Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam  

August 2017

1 – 18 Farm Experience Internship.
18 – 23 Annual Introduction Days AID, WUR
18 – 26 Heideweek, Ede
23 Vlegeldag, Bennekom
26 Agro Biodiversity Celebration, Vreemde Streken, Wageningen
27 – 30 Regreening days, Wageningen

July 2017

1 Beekeeping day at the Ommuurde Tuin
7 The CAP: have your say, Brussels

24 July  – 17 August: Farm Experience Internship.

June 2o17

1 FEI Kickoff Event: Agroecology Experience Evening, de Hoge Born, Wageningen
2 Food festival ‘Lekker lokaal‘, 15:00 – 24:00, Botanical gardens, Utrecht
7 Farmers Tales: Agroecology Transition in Brazil, 12.30, Impulse
7 Seminar Food security, agricultural policies and economic growth – Centre for Sustainable Development & Food Security, 12.00-17.00 Leeuwenborch, Wageningen

Efficiëntie in de Landbouw Symposium Reehorst Ede
10 Excursion to organic seed company de Bolster
12 Documentary screening ‘Seed: the untold story’, 20.00 Movie-W
15 Young farmers & WUR students meeting, 19:30, Café Vreemde Streken
17-18 Lekker naar de Boer (open days Farms, Gardens in Netherlands)
19 – 20 Seminar: Access to Land in Europe: Learning from the Field. Brussels
21 Conference: Solutions and Policies for Access to Land in Europe. Brussels.
24 Open day at farm from Pieter Beije: wind energy at your farm.
30 Enabling Crop Biodiversity on the market. European Commuttee, Brussels.

May 2017

6 Food Autonomy Festival Amsterdam – ASEED Europe
11 Who will fix the broken CAP – European Environmental Bureau, Brussels
13 Nederland gidsland in de transitie van voedselsystemen? De Rode Hoed, A’dam
16 Dragon Dreaming lunch lecture, 12.30 – 13.00, Impulse, Wageningen
17-20 Forum Synergies’ European Rural Sustainability Gathering, Greece
20-21 Dragon Dreaming Introduction Course, Building with the Clock, Wageningen
24 Farmers’ Tales lunch lecture, 12:30, Impulse, Wageningen
26 De Ideale Bodem – Michael Astera (lezing)

April 2017

2 Zadenruilbeurs in de WAR, Amersfoort
Succesvol Boeren met natuur: ontmoet de praktijk
17 International Peasants’ Struggle Day
18 Juridisch oordeel van het Monsanto Tribunaal.
19 Open Lecture Dragon Dreaming
20 Symposium Bodemdaling

24-26 The Future of Food and Agriculture, Basque Country

March 2017

4-5 Reclaim the Seeds
4  Aan de Keukentafel – Milieudefensie
7-10 International Congress Global Peasant Rights, Germany (contact Boerengroep for more info)
11 Spring excursion I: dairy farm of Hans Geurts (Dutch dairy union, NMV). ‘Fair prices for the producers’
14 Van boerencrisis naar boeren met toekomst, De Rode Hoed (It’s the Food my Friend)
18 Spring excursion II: bike excursion to Hooilanden Farm. ‘The ethics of dairy farming’
19 Filmafternoon ‘Humans of the land & Bodemboeren’ – Focus Filmtheater Arnhem
22 Leren van der natuur – De Rode Hoed, A’dam
23 Congres over Voedselbossen, Oisterwijk
25 Spring excursion III Beekhoeve farm. ‘The Story of a family farm’
25 Via Campesina’s mobilisation for another Europe, Rome (60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty)

February 2017

15 Politiek Debat Nederlandse Akkerbouw Vakbond
19 Boerengroep at Winter AID
24 – 26 Boerengroep at Via Campesina meeting in UK, on ‘Agroecology Learning and Training Network’, presenting the Farm Experience Internship.

December 2016

7 Boerengroep at conference Access to Land, Brussels
9 Boerengroep with stand at conference Van Akker naar Bos
16 Illegal Mining


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