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Who we are 

Stichting Boerengroep (Farmers Foundation) aims to connect the university (students, research, education) with the reality and challenges of farmers in the Netherlands and worldwide. In this way we fight for social, just and sustainable food production. We do this by bringing students into the fields and farmers into lecture rooms at the university.

We work together with chairgroups at the Wageningen University, like Rural Sociology Group (RSO) and Farming Systems Ecology (FSE), with platforms like ABC (Earth Farmer Consumer), with organisations, like St. Otherwise, RUW, WEP and Toekomstboeren and Educational Institutes like VHL and STOAS. Students can become a volunteer, either on their own or in working groups, or do their internship or thesis with Boerengroep. Moreover we organise:

  • critical discussions and lectures about agricultural topics, both practical topics as well as political debates related to food production
  • capita selecta courses at the Wageningen University, like the Farm Experience Internship
  • field trips to farms throughout the Netherlands
  • excursions and exchange programs abroad, like a Permaculture Trip to the UK and a EU Youth Exchange in Romania
  • research mediation between university (researchers, students, education) and the needs of farmers in the Netherlands. Boerengroep stimulates farmers to provide us with research questions and their challenges. We can then find students who can work on this as their internship or thesis.
  • Working Groups. Together with the RSO chairgroup we stimulate students to organise events of their own interest, related to farming. Currently we are discussing with RSO to turn this into a capita selecta for which students can obtain credits.
  • conferences, like Voedsel Anders
  • interactive theatre, ‘Inspringtheater’, which is an important part of St. Boerengroep. The Inspringtheater provides students a critical view on developments in agriculture in an interactive form of theatre.

Boerengroep aims to:

  • Approach agricultural topics from different angles: connecting social science with natural science; academic theories with practical challenges and innovations.
  • Highlight the (im)possibilities  and challenges that farmers face
  • Create understanding for diversity of opinions and stimulate a critical attitude towards your own position
  • Stimulate transparency of the food production chain to support a critical attitude of consumers, farmers, researchers and students
  • Realize fair and vital agriculture by:
    • visualizing the situation of farmers today and in the future through knowledge exchange amongst farmers, students, consumers, and professionals
    • improving the position of the farmer.
  • Inform, experience, discuss, facilitate, publish, and activate in order to shed light on present-day issues in agriculture.  This way, Boerengroep and Jump-in Theather wish to stimulate a critical attitude towards agriculture and food.

Get involved as volunteer or intern!

Are you a students at the WUR and would like to gain practical skills and knowledge on organising events related to food production? Would you like to set up a documentary evening, working group, organise an excursion, WWOOF weekend, or a Farm Experience Internship at a university in your own country? Let us know and we’ll help you with the organisation, provide you with a network of organisations, farmers, foundations and researchers. Feel free to send us a mail or pass by at the office.

Farmers’ Tales: every Thursday from 12:30-13:15 at the Leeuwenborg!

Every Thursday, Boerengroep will have a lunch break at the Leeuwenborg, called ‘Farmers’ Tales’. We provide a place for students, PhDs, researchers, farmers, activists and everyone else interested in sustainable food production to meet up and have a coffee or tea together. Feel free to join us, share or gain ideas, knowledge, research questions related to food production. Are you looking for an internship or thesis subject? You’re welcome as well – maybe we can find you some nice topics and contacts of researchers and/or farmers!

Stichting Boerengroep
Generaal Foulkesweg 37,
k2015, 6703 BL Wageningen
0031 (0)6 37 53 0921

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