International playback theatre performance in Ede (4th of november 2017)

Are you interested in playback theatre? Want to find some inspiration in how creative participatory methods can be used for social change?
Come to a free Playback Theatre performance on Saturday 4th of November at 14.30 hrs, organised by Plek! It will take place in Akoesticum in Ede, next to station Ede-Wageningen.







 From 27 October till 6 November around 25 youth workers/peacemakers/theatre    makers from Chechnya, Israel, Palestine, Belgium and the Netherlands will come   together.Through trainings and exchanges the partners inspire and strengthen themselves and each other.  This year they come together in Ede to learn all about Playback Theatre. Part of  the training is a performance for an audience.

See facebook for more information!

New performance ”Dealing with stress”

Unless you’re a Tibetan monk, we all have to deal with it in a certain way.
Stress and burnout have become an increasing and often-discussed phenomenon over the last decade.
What stresses you out? And how do you deal with it?

We will perform a live trailer of our new play at the WUR (Speakerscorner)
Date: 15th february 2016
Time: 12.30 (lunchbreak)


Jolien Bouwman
Kal Subramanian​
Samira van der Loo​
Marloes Harkema

Great Success for ‘How am I ever going to finish my PhD?’

Many PhD students experience moments of doubt, irritation or even despair in their PhD.. This performance dealt with the main challenges in communicating and collaborating with your PhD colleagues, daily supervisor and professor. Following Anna on her way the audience gained insight and direct experience how not to make the same mistakes as Anna, but do it differently.

This performance ended the workshop carousel day for PhD students, organised by the Wageningen Graduate Schools. More than 100 people joined our performance, jumped in enthousiastically and tried out new ideas, advice and made brave attempts to make their PhD work!

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Unique Theatre Weekend 12 – 14 Dec, Wageningen

Dear Theatrelovers,

We are organising a theatre workshop weekend, starting at Friday evening 12th of December, and continuing with two more days on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14. The workshops will be completely dedicated to practicing with interactive theatre techniques. We are organizing this with 4 theatregroups in Wageningen; Inspringtheater, TheatreWise, Liever Veul Bloemen en Theater Boven Water. We have never done this before in Wageningen, so it is a unique opportunity to join ;). We also hope to welcome people from similar theatre groups in The Netherlands, so it will be a great weekend for learning, sharing, practicing and fun! Only requirement: some experience with interactive theatre.

Friday evening: Theatresport and improvisation techniques
Saturday: Playback theatre, under the guidance of Theater Boven Water
Sunday: Theatre of the Oppressed techniques (forumtheater).

Costs are 60 eur pp, 50 pp for students, for the whole weekend (lunch included). Possibility to join only parts of the weekend too.

Place: Building with the Clock, Wageningen


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