26 March: Spring Excursion Buffalo Farm de Stoerderij and Pig Farm

160326 Excursion Stoerderij and Pig farm


Join us on the Spring Excursion, 26th of March, to buffalo farm De Stoerderij and a Pig Farm!

We will depart 8:30 in the morning, at the parking place in front of the Radix Building. Don’t forget to bring your own lunch.

– students: Eur 6,-
– non-students and PhD: Eur 10,-
(the money is for the farmer and to pay the transport)

 Sign up by sending the following info to st.boerengroep@wur.nl:
– Name:
– Student nr:
– Do you have a driving license: y/n
– Do you have a car available: y/n
   how many people can join in your car:

Check out the video of de Stoerderij: http://future-farmers.net/from-the-field/the-netherlands/de-stoerderij/