30 August: Excursion Food Forest Ketelbroek

Ketelbroek 30 august

Join us this summer to the first Food Forest of the Netherlands: Food Forest Ketelbroek!

This project started about 150.000 years ago, when in this region enormous glaciers of land ice coming from Scandinavia reached as far south as exactly this spot. Hence a relatively low place was created, surrounded by hills being pushed along.

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NEW: Farmers’ Tales – a place to meet up, share, discuss, organize!

Every Thursday, from 12:30 – 13:15 you are welcome to join Farmers’ Tales, an informal place to meet up for a coffee or tea with other students, PhD’ers, researchers, farmers and anyone else interested in topics like agroecology, starting up a farm, nutrient cycles, land grabbing, TTIP, the political side of food, food chains and much … Meer lezen

March 21: Feed&Farm excursion

This time we will go to Coppens Feed company in the South of the Netherlands. They make feed for pigs and poultry. We will get a tour and will have an interactive discussion with them.  Besides we will go to a slow growing and a fast growing broiler farm. Pictures can be found here Date: Saterday 21th of March … Meer lezen

November 22: Excursion to Intensive Farms

Have you always wanted to see how intensive farming in The Netherlands looks like? On Saturday the 22th of November you can see three intensive ways of farming! We will gather at 08.30h at Radix/Forum and then travel to the broiler breeder farm in Wamel. This farmer takes care of 38.000 Ross 308 birds housed … Meer lezen

September 27: Excursion to sustainable projects in Amsterdam

Are you interested in sustainable food production and urban development? Join RUW Foundation and Farmer’s Foundation on their excursion to Amsterdam on the 27th of September! Together with the research and educational institute Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, RUW and Boerengroep will explore solutions to some of the challenges that cities face when it comes to quality of … Meer lezen

June 7: Farm visits excursion by bike

  Stichting Boerengroep organizes an bicycle excursion through the beautiful Dutch landscape to visit farms! So take your bicycle, and join us! We will gather at 09.00h at Radix and cycle to Hemmen! There we will visit the organic arable farm of Family Koopman , after which we will cycle further to the very diverse … Meer lezen

Winter Excursion: Saturday 25th of January

 On the 25th of January we will visit a dairy farm with Jersey cows, a pig farm with rooting barn and a biogas installation in Drenthe/Overijssel! We will leave around 9h and be back around 17h. We will go by car, travel costs are 5 euro. For subscription please send an email to st.boerengroep@wur.nl