What you need to know about the CAP and the F2F Strategy

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Farm to Fork Strategy: what you need to know   The Common Agricultural Policy, the EU-policy that supplies income support for European farmers and promotes rural development, has been abundantly talked about lately. This week, the European Parliament is voting about the current proposal for the CAP reform, … Read more

Publication YOUR LAND, MY LAND, OUR LAND by Nyéléni Food Sovereignty Movement

“Today the Nyéléni Food Sovereignty Movement in Europe and Central Asia (Nyéléni ECA) launches a practical tool to support and strengthen land struggles for small and medium-scale food producers and local communities. Land access issues, long since recognised in international and institutional spaces, are even more urgent in the current context: both due to the … Read more

Agroecology in the Netherlands

Is there a movement? Agroecology offers a new perspective on the organisation and management of food systems, natural resources and their connection with society. While the concept is in a continuous state ofdevelopment it has strong practical and scientific expressions with prospects for the further integration of human and nature and of agriculture and ecosystems. … Read more

Farm Experience Summer Course

Agroecology in practice .. .. .. Dear Student, Would you like to experience the daily reality of farming and do you want to deepen your practice with participatory methods, agroecology, permaculture, and more? The Farm Experience Internship offers all this from August 11-30th. And you even get credits! … Here you find all the information … Read more

Earthships and Ecovillages in the Netherlands

The world’s first “Earthship district” is currently constructed in the Netherlands. The earthship concept is a prime example of environmentally friendly and sustainable building and living. All environmental aspects are taken into consideration in this innovative yet simple (low tech) building concept. The reuse of existing materials in the construction phase as well as clean … Read more

System of Rice Intensification

Deemed impossible by researchers, farmers in many countries are significantly increasing the yields of rice while at the same time using less water and resources. The System of Rice Intensification, first developed in Madagascar, is now practiced by millions of farmers in Africa and Asia, and continues to spread like wildfire. Its principles have been … Read more

Breeding on-the-ground

successful farmer-scientist co-operation Innovation from the field: farmer Niek Vos wanted to develop a potato resistant to Phytophtera. After years of efforts of him and his son, working together a.o. with scientist Edith Lammerts van Bueren they managed: Bionica! Together they went through a number of procedures, and now their product is in the market. … Read more

Make Agroecology work!

Grassroots Science Workshop This workshop is a follow up on the brainstorm session of the day before (Agroecology initiatives and the Netherlands), although you are also welcome if you didn’t manage come to that session. In an interactive manner, working groups will elaborate on existing ideas and initiatives, and ways to strengthen the movement for agroecology. Depending on … Read more