Farmers’ Protests in India: what is it about?

Indian farmers also want regulation, no surrender to the free market. Article translated from the summary made by Greet Goverde for Platform ABC (link for Dutch text). The Peasant Foundation recently organized a discussion about the farmers’ protests in India, more on that below. But first the background: why protests, why now? It is actually … Read more

About palm oil

written by Romy van der Made You might have heard of it, you might have not. In the Netherlands, we consume at least 136,000 tons of it each year. That is about 8 kilos per person. It is one of the most used vegetable oils in the world. And last but not least, it is … Read more

Recording Farmers’ Tale: Solawi Zabergäu

This is the recording of the third virtual Farmer’s Tale in the peasant farmers of Europe series! This time we were joined by Stefanie Wolf of SoLaWi (Solidarische Landwirtschaft) Zabergäu. This farm has it all! Alpacas, sheep, vegetable patches, a large proportion of green manure, beehives, happy volunteers and share holders! The Demeter-certified farm is … Read more

Interview with a Boerengroepie: chair Pablo Van Neste

This week, we finally meet our chair, Pablo Van Neste. Pablo recently graduated with a Masters’ Degree in Organic Agriculture. He’s very involved in the Food Forest in Droevendaal and in the working group on Commons of Toekomstboeren. Enjoy his interesting ideas related to various topics loosely connected to farming and Boerengroep! What is your … Read more

Farmers’ Tales: Arvaia and Fattoria Rio Selva

On the 17th of December, we virtually got to know two CSA’s in Italy: Arvaia and Rio Selva. You can watch the recording below! Arvaia is a community that supports agriculture in Bologna, with 47 hectares dedicated to both agricultural land and public green areas. The community forms a collective who is directly involved in … Read more

Reflection “Behind the image of the WUR: stories of conflicting visions”

7th of December 2020 marked a day of events surrounding the first birthday of Unilever on the campus. Extinction Rebellion Wageningen organized a (f)un fair in front of the Unilever building, with games like fishing for dead fish in a pool of plastic, a limbo of how low Unilever has gone with regard to human … Read more

Recording webinar About Peatlands

Here you can find the recording of our webinar About Peatlands, that was held on the 4th of November. Scroll down for more information! If we want a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, we need to increase our carbon sinks. Strengthening peatlands is one of the three most important ways to do that, stated Frans Timmermans … Read more

Interview with a Boerengroep Board Member: Cristina Biddlecome-Cañaveral

After sharing Shumaila’s deepest thoughts with you last month, we are continuing to present the Boerengroep interns this month, and today we get to know Cristina Biddlecome-Cañaveral a little bit better! With her creative ideas and captivating writing, we are very lucky to have her in our team. Read below how she got struck by … Read more

What you need to know about the CAP and the F2F Strategy

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Farm to Fork Strategy: what you need to know   The Common Agricultural Policy, the EU-policy that supplies income support for European farmers and promotes rural development, has been abundantly talked about lately. This week, the European Parliament is voting about the current proposal for the CAP reform, … Read more