Agroecology initiatives and the Netherlands

Grassroots Science Brainstorm Session

Always wanted to know what agroecology really is? What it can mean for you? If it can be of any use for the European context? Get inspired by existing agroecology initiatives, that are happening in Brazil, India and just around you. What shape is agroecology to take in the Netherlands? What existing initiatives are already agroecological? Feel invited to be involved in one of the initiatives, share your ideas, suggest a new initiative, or simply come and listen.

With presentations of Supraba Seshan (on the Indian experience: Cooperation between farmers, scientists and students in protecting biodiversity in India), Irene Cardoso (Reflection of how the movement started in Brazil, and the role of universities), Heitor Teixeira (on the role of students in the agroecological movement in his hometown, an introduction of the farm experience internship), an introduction of the Agroecological PhD Network and plenty initiatives connected to agroecology. 

After that we discuss:

  • what is agroecology in the Netherlands according to you?
  • What are ideas for new or existing initiatives that you see as agroecological?

What: brainstorm session
March 19, at 17:15
Where: Forum Wageningen, room C321
Organisation: ILEIA, Otherwise, Boerengroep, as part of the Grassroots Science series

This brainstorm session is a follow up on the discussion evening The Potential of Agroecology, and is followed by the Workshop: Making agroecology work!

Find results of this and the next workshop here: report of Wed March 20, report Tues March 19