Vriend van Boerengroep worden!

Stichting Boerengroep strives to create an inclusive environment for all who follow us. In order to grow this feeling of engagement in our society, we need support in covering our extra costs. As such, we are now offering you the opportunity to become a Friend of Boerengroep, or you can support us by buying a Boerengroep T-shirt! 

Vrienden van Boerengroep

In exchange for a yearly financial contribution you will be regularly updated about the organisation and you will get the opportunity to be involved in our ongoing activities. For the size of the financial contribution you can choose one of the following options:

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Or you create a personal contribution of e.g. a bag of several “seeds”.

Do you want to help our “farm” grow? Please fill in this form.

What do friends get in return? Involvement in St. Boerengroep can take different shapes, you can for example share your perspective or experience on a topic that St. Boerengroep is working on via our media channels, which can lead to a conversation or collaboration. These type of exchanges enable us to keep linking theory and practice in agriculture. We believe that by connecting ourselves in a friendship relation we strengthen each other and are able to cross-pollinate activities. We are very hopeful to attract many seeds, seedlings and trees, since fields and farms flourish with big diversity and large amounts of them. On top of this, fields and farms will receive a visible place on the websitey.


Boerengroep T-shirts! 

Want to show your convictions to your surroundings? Get one of these 3 t-shirts!
The minimum price is 17,50€, any extra euro will go to support the activities of Boerengroep.
Shipping costs will be added to the minimum price when needed. In the Netherlands this will be approximately 4€.
Interested? Send us an email with subject ‘BG t-shirts’ (see Contact page).