Excursion Organic dairy farm Veld en Beek


There’s a lot going on with farming in the Netherlands, especially now the milk quota is off. The milk price decreased, making it more and more difficult for farmers to survive. Every day, 7 farms have to stop in the Netherlands, partly because of this problem. By the way: Friesland Campina, located at the campus of the WUR, is increasing its profit though: in 2015 the profit increased with 13.2 % to 343 million Euro (Bron: Friesland Campina). Meanwhile, milk powder is dumped accross the world, destroying local markets there.

But there are farmers who don’t agree with how things go. They establish short chains, and sell their products directly to the consumers, so that they get a fair price for their products. Dairy farm Veld and Beek is one of those innovative farms, working towards a better life for the animals, but also for the producers and the consumers!

Join us on this inspiring excursion!


See here a film made by FEI participants about Veld en Beek: