looking for a research topic?

Are you looking for a topic for you thesis (msc, hbo, small, large) or internship (official internship for your studies or a self-arranged-informal-one just to get workig experience in the field): check out these vacancies at Ecolonie farm in France!


– Seed production, also for others
– Effective Microorganisms, EM
– Homemade preparations
– Low energy food processing
– The effects of using cupper tools
– Reduced-till techniques
– Green manure cover crops, including seed saving techniques

– Bushes and herbs for nutrition

– develop a mobile chicken pen to be used in the goat field

– ask for possibilites

Check their website for more possibilites.

Of course you can also try one of the dutch farms in our list for farmwork exchange. Or look at wwoof.org or helpx.net

Let’s get our hands dirty!