Make Agroecology work!

Grassroots Science Workshop

This workshop is a follow up on the brainstorm session of the day before (Agroecology initiatives and the Netherlands), although you are also welcome if you didn’t manage come to that session. In an interactive manner, working groups will elaborate on existing ideas and initiatives, and ways to strengthen the movement for agroecology. Depending on the day before, the focus will be either on defining what agroeology can mean in the European context, or on new initatives related to the topic.

What: workshop
March 20, at 17:15
Where: Forum Wageningen, room C317
Organisation: ILEIA, Otherwise, Boerengroep

This workshop is a follow up on the discussion evening The Potential of Agroecology, and of the brainstorm session agroecology initiatives and the Netherlands

Find results of this and the previous workshop here: report of Wed March 20, report Tues March 19