Pluktuin Workshop n°1 : no-dig market gardening

Pluktuin Sayuran is an agroecological no-dig market garden based within the pre-existing Pluktuin de Bosrand. It produces a wide variety of vegetables, fruit and edible flowers throughout the growing season, which you can harvest yourself during opening hours. Payment is by weight or piece, depending on the product, and there is no need for a subscription.

The garden is going into its second year of production and in the absence of real life workshop, this video was made for those who are interested to learn more about the ideas and processes involved in running a no-dig self-picking market garden. One of the key practices that allows the garden to be productive is the no dig approach. This involves disturbing the soil as little as possible, taking inspiration from natural soil building processes to feed soil organisms from above. Not only does this build fertility, it also improves moisture retention and suppresses weeds!

The first workshop in this series will explain how this is implemented at Pluktuin Sayuran, and teach you how you can do it yourself though active participation in preparing the beds for the growing season.