Year Plan 2022

The Boerengroep Year Plan 2022 is here!

We are proud to announce that topic that we will be working on in the coming year is (Un)Framing Farmers.

This year’s theme for Boerengroep addresses a neglected bottleneck for achieving change in our
society: the way we actively and passively frame farmers and farming systems. It is an important
topic to pause at, because it leads to polarisation in current debates, and influences policy and
research to such an extent that they sometimes lead to very unsustainable outcomes. We want to
dissect the narratives that are formed around farmers by the university, the citizens and the farmers
themselves, and understand to what extent they are useful or obstructive for a sustainable future. 

Read the full Year Plan, and information about the activities we plan to do here.

Year Plan 2022_Boerengroep and Inspringtheater