Looking back on 2018

Past year the theme which linked most of our activities was ‘Agroecology as a science, practice and movement!’ Our yearly organised Farm Experience Internships, which is focused on agroecology in practice, and attending a big agroecology conference in 2017 inspired us to explore this concept more. Agroecology has an overarching meaning; covering many agricultural practices, approaches, realities, and struggles of people all around the world. During our activities we encouraged people to get familiar with it, so they are able to look from a critically underpinned agroecological perspective at current global developments and challenges. 

Agroecology as a science had a profound role in the Wageningen Dialogue we successfully co-organised. In this edition, ‘Cutting across the silo’s’, conversations were started about the future of food production and food sovereignty. Students and researchers were challenged to share thoughts from different backgrounds to come up with and think about solutions together, past own chair groups and courses.

Agroecology as a practice, working with basic ecological principles in agriculture, was part of all excursions we organised in 2018. In Spring we for example went to two different dairy farms, one focused on preserving an old breed of cows, processing and selling at the farm, while the other one was a high-tech, innovative family farm. These two seemingly very opposite farms fuelled interesting discussions and comparisons about market aspects and farmers position in society. Of course, the ‘practice’ part was part of the Farm Experience Week in July, in which we explored and experienced various aspects of agroecology, seeds, soil, grass management, permaculture and future farms. In November several of these principles came back during the masterclass on ecosystem restoration design which we co-organised together with the Plant. Although the link with agroecology as a science was also emphasized there as the essence of monitoring projects.

The meaning of agroecology as a social movement was incorporated in the Farmers markets we organised, based on the Voedsel Anders initiative. During these events supporting and linking local farmers, initiatives and entrepreneurs to students and researchers was the main aim. The ‘highlight’ of this series of events was the FoodKaravaan stop in Wageningen in September, in which we, amongst other things, explored philosophical views on food and future food production. The power of social movements could also be felt during a presentation about the 15th Garden project in Syria, which is about growing food in damaged places and refugee camps in the Middle East.

For 2019 we are looking forward to further explore these concepts with you, interwoven in the year theme of ‘Circular Agriculture – the way forward?’

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2019 – Exploring options for more circularity in farming

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18th January 12:30 – 13:30 @ Implulse, WUR Campus

On behalf of the Boerengroep team, I wish all of you an amazing 2019. We are looking forward to a year full of inspiring meetings and dialogues with students, farmers and other random creatures AND to organising events that facilitate those interactions. This year, we like to encourage you to cut throught the (scientific) silos, move beyond your personal boundaries and increasingly shift linear thinking to circular! Hereby, we like to invite you to join us for the Kick-off of the Circular Farming Platform during lunch on the 18th of January!

Circular agriculture is the future. Our minister of agriculture – Carola Schouten – has declared her vision “The Netherlands front runner in circular agriculture’’. Our executive board president Louise Fresco has recently announced a paradigm shift in agricultural science from improvement of productivity towards improvement of circularity. What is the next step to these beautiful ideas? How can we integrate circularity thinking into WUR education? Boerengroep has decided to take this topic of circular farming as it’s year theme! We will follow the developments and participate in this disucussion lively!

Join the kick-off of the Circular Farming Platform and see how you can contribute to the conversation!

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Masterclass with permaculture- and ecosystemdesigner Daniel Halsey

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This Thursday evening (15th November) Daniel Halsey, an internationally renowned designer of ecosystem restoring landscapes, both large and small, will hold a lecture/masterclass open to students and others interested. In current times with increasing need for changing landscape models and ways to cope with climate change, using ecosystem design could be one of the key answers!

This master class is interesting for anyone who is involved in developing landscapes, ecosystem restoration, and new forms of agriculture, peasantry, forestry and food supply. It will be open to students and others interested and takes place on November 15th in the Forum Building, C222.

Master-class with Daniel Halsey
“Designing diversified, ecologically based foodscapes of the Future’

Date: 15th November
Time: 19:30 coffee/tea
20:00 – 22:30
Location: Forum C222 (WUR CAMPUS) Droevendaalsesteeg 2
No registration and no entrance fee. Just show up on time.

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Voedselkaravaan Wageningen on 28th September

Voedselkaravaan1De Voedselkaravaan / The Food Caravan of VoedselAnders is coming to Wageningen on the 28th of September to put the transition towards more sustainable and fair food and agriculture on the agenda. In one evening there will be three events which you can either visit all three to have a full evening program, or just one or two of them: A buffet with movie screening, conversation with Michiel Korthals (philosopher), party with band.

Detailed program and more information on ‘de Voedselkaravaan’: https://www.voedselanders.nl/de-voedselkaravaan-2018/

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Regardless the heat 24 participants followed this years FEI!

Farm Experience Internship 2018Thank you card FEI 2018

From 23rd – 27th of July Boerengroep organised a very successful Farm Experience Week, which is the first part of the Farm Experience Internship (FEI). Twenty-four participants, from eleven different nationalities, have completed a full week of workshops and excursions focused on agroecology as a science, a movement and a practice. This large diversity in nationalities and backgrounds offers a unique opportunity to learn from each other and to get into dialogues on sustainable ways of food production. Most of the participants are currently continuing their learning process by working alongside a farmer in a farm or garden somewhere in the Netherlands. The 5th of October all participants will meet once more to share their experiences and reflect on the theory and their learning processes.

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farm experience week posterThe Summercourse of Boerengroep is back this year in a slightly different form. This year we organise ONE inspiring week from July 23rd till July 27th. This week will be full of workshops, excursions, food and fun about topics as agroecology, soil, sustainable food systems and participatory research.

On top of this, we can still support you in finding a farm to work at. Continue reading

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Food Otherwise Markets @Forum

Food Otherwise poster


The Farmer’s markets are back with a new focus! Meet local farmers and buy locally produced food at the Campus during lunch on May 24th and June 28th.

‘De Voedselkaravaan’ (Food Caravan) is travelling throughout the country and will also role into Wageningen in September this year. Before that time, we can already invite you to two Local Farmer’s Markets, which will turn the barren lands in front of Forum building at university campus into a lively and colourful space.

Keep an eye on this page for updates 🙂 and see our fb events

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Internship Opportunity: Farm Experience Internship 2018

vacancy FEI Intern

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17th MAY Kickoff for The Farm Experience Internship 2018

Since 2013 Boerengroep is organising the summer course ‘Farm Experience Internship’, or “The FEI”. The FEI origins from Brazil where students felt the need to bridge the gap between the university and the farmers, and decided to set up a course about agroecology, both in theory (2 weeks at the university) as well as in practice (2 weeks at the farm). The Farm Experience Internship is one little step forward in the fight against agribusiness, by connecting students with the reality and needs of farmers.

As we feel the same need, we are organising this course in Wageningen now for the sixth year in a row!

Want to know more about the FEI or do you feel like getting into the FEI for just an evening? Join us on the 17th of May for the Agroecology Evening – Kickoff for the FEI 2018!

And check out the FEI website!
















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Eurijn, Wageningens local currency

eurijnkleinWe are proud to announce that Boerengroep just opened an account at Eurijn, Wageningens local Currency! We encourage all of our friends in Wageningen and surroundings to do the same and to support the local economy.

Look at their website for more information, or come to one of the local farmers markets that Boerengroep together with Otherwise will organise on campus this season!

It is also possible to pay us with Eurijn, for example if you are joining our first springexcursion next week!

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