looking for a research topic?

Are you looking for a topic for you thesis (msc, hbo, small, large) or internship (official internship for your studies or a self-arranged-informal-one just to get workig experience in the field): check out these vacancies at Ecolonie farm in France! Topics: Vegetables: – Seed production, also for others – Effective Microorganisms, EM – Homemade preparations – … Read more

Transforming our global food system

We are honoured to have organized a last minute event on Thursday 15 December 2011 with the world renowned speaker, Eric Holt-Gimenez. The title of this event is “transforming our global food system” and is the first of the new monthly series organised by OtherWise and Boerengroep “Grassroots science: sustainable alternatives from the field”. Eric Holt … Read more

Food,Farmers&Forks Rainbow Dinner

Join us for an evening of deliciously colorful food, delightful conversation and a film.  Please bring a dish of a specific color. (remember to bring your own plate & utensils) For example you could make:  Red-beet soup or salad or anything tomatoey Orange-Pumpkin pie or a large box of clementines Yellow-Squash soup Green-uhhhh the possibilities … Read more

Farming is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Isn’t it great to root in the earth or to strum around on a spade? Just like Rock ‘n’ Roll, food is a way to distinguish yourself. Everything you eat, you have decided upon. Food is more than just a product to consume, it is about lifestyle, fashion, attitudes, status and politics. Similarly, farming is … Read more

The Future of the EU farmer

a report of Boerengroep activity of last Tuesday Dec 6, written by Klarien Klingen  Henk van Zeijts (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) presented very clearly the main concepts of the CAP and the proposed changes. The most important proposed changes are: linking 30% of the direct payments to “green” conditions and redistribution the EU budget … Read more

Agri-food commodity chains

resist or embrace? A step forward in development of small scale farmers is often assumed to be more market involvement. However, being more dependant on global commodity chains for revenues as well as for farm inputs, has its downsides too… With speakers of the Centre for Learning on Sustainable Development ILEA, the Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation … Read more

Mannenbroeders van Kootjebroek

Het is nu 10 jaar geleden dat bedrijven werden geruimd in Kootwijkerbroek. Was het terecht? Die vraag speelt nog steeds! Evenals emoties, wantrouwen, en dus helaas nog geen duidelijke lessen voor de toekomst. Boerengroep draait in Movie-W de Film Mannenbroeders van Kootjebroek. Met toelichting van Lau Jansen (Stichting Onderzoek MKZ Crisis Kootwijkerbroek) en Tjirk van … Read more

weekly farmer coffee talk – Tuesdaymorning

Every Tuesday morning from 10:30 to 11:30 we have coffee with a dairy farmer and some critical students, and often other participants who like to share their thoughts about important topics like food crises, sustainable farming, urban agriculture, etc. Anyone interested in agriculture is welcome to join. To share your thoughts, drink some coffee, or maybe just … Read more

Grassroots Voices in Giant Institutes

Join an exciting evening with professor Kami Pothukuchi from the famous urban agriculture example of Detroit, our own Wageningen emeritus professor in Communication Niels Röling, and Brazilian agronomist with plenty experience in ngo’s: Mariana Wongtschowski. when: Tuesday November 29 at 19:30h where: Forum building in Wageningen register: click here to reserve a seat Description: The global food crisis … Read more

work with us for Makandra!

On Saturday November 26 Boerengroep will help carefarm Makandra preparing wood. We will cut and transport wood, to make it available for the clients of the carefarm to work on. Apart from hard work (a nice workout!) and the opportunity to help people with special needs, this is also a great day of fun, meeting … Read more