Seed Sovereignity

How farmers’ organisations can protect our seed system The US patent system is blowing over to Europe. Will patent claims from multinationals soon sue farmers in Europe? Niels Louwaars (director of Plantum) has been involved for several years in the debates on patents and breeder’s rights. See for example a publication on the “future of … Read more

Grassroots Science

socially driven alternatives that tackle global problems “Socially driven” initiatives, by for example farmers, consumers, civil society organisations, sometimes in collaboration with scientists, constantly emerge in the face of ­poverty, social injustice, hunger, natural resource degradation, environmental decline and other global problems. Some of these initiatives contain practices that promise more sustainable livelihoods for the … Read more

Beyond the commoditization of knowledge

Rethinking science and society relations Barbara van Dyck (Slow Science, fired at Catholic University of Leuven due to involvement in public protest against a Genetically Modified Potato field) Martijn Duineveld (assistant professor Cultural Geography) “Research on bees paid by the pesticide industry showing that it was not the pesticide that kills them…” (Zembla reportage, 12 … Read more

Maandag 14 mei Spel avond inspringtheater olv. Susanne Prak

Op ma 14 mei om 19.30 zal er een inspringtheater spel les gegeven worden op Gen foulkesweg 37 (Het gebouw met de klok). Je kunt je hiervoor aanmelden op de mail van het inspring theater. Alles overdeze interactieve manier van theater maken. Forumtheater werkt als volgt: een toneelvoorstelling (die zowel met professionele acteurs als met bijv. … Read more