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Heldervarken Award

In het kader van de Week van de Smaak, met aandacht voor alle regionale producten in den lande wil Boerderij ‘t Helder uit Winterswijk speciaal de aandacht richten op de gepassioneerde en talentvolle bereiders, c.q. verkopers van zulke speciale, authentieke, … Continue reading

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Potential of Africa

building on own knowledge and resources Africa has a rich resource base in terms of both human and natural resouces. These are however rarely used for the development of the African continent. Instead biased trade agreements allow for the export of minerals to feed European industries, European subsidised … Continue reading

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Political Grassroots Dinner

It was never easier to contribute to the Good Food March! Simply join the Political Grassroots Dinner on September 12, and your valuable ideas will be brought to Brussels! Good Food March: This summer, farmers, citizens and young people will … Continue reading

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