Theater of the oppressed Spel les

Woensdag 27 juni om half 8 de laatste spelles van dit semester. Susanne Prak gaat met de vaste spelersgroep en nieuwe geintereseerde spelers aan de gang met opwarm oefeningen, spel situaties en vooral veel spel plezier. Nieuwsgierig aarzel niet en kom langs. Meer informatie?  Stuur een mail naar het . Inspringtheater spelles 19.30 -22.00 Gen. Foulkesweg 37

Excursion Bolster and farm

****** news flash: we will visit one more farm: de Hooge Kamp. This means we will be back around 5pm.***** Spring time! Let’s go outside. It’s full on spring time and time to seed. Wanted to know how the seeds you buy are produced? Join us to the Bolster for a guided tour. Afterwards we … Read more

Farm Work Exchange on Tour!

What can beat some fieldwork experience? Join us to Wijk bij Duurstede, where we will work on organic vegetable farm Tuinderij de Groene Steen. We wil help Janneke with some manual farmwork (gardening) work during the morning, and then have lunch together. The idea is to get to know the farm, experience what it is … Read more

Grassroots Science Synthesis Dinner

Potluck dinner (bring some food, we will provide drinks) for students and others to discuss the Grassroots Science series: how do different lectures relate, and what to conclude from it? Joining this evening is recommended if you are not sure about your essay yet, but it is not obligated. Open to everyone. Please subscribe here. Date: Thursday … Read more


ANDERE KOEK! – Bijzondere excursie op 27 juni naar Belgische pioniers van ‘zwart goud’ en eetbare stadsjungle. Permacultuur ‘n tandje hoger. / Permaculture excursion to professional composters and edible jungle in Belgium. Read more …   reconnecting people, soil and food Permaculture has emerged as a response to industrial agriculture and food. It seeks “to … Read more

Seed Sovereignity

How farmers’ organisations can protect our seed system The US patent system is blowing over to Europe. Will patent claims from multinationals soon sue farmers in Europe? Niels Louwaars (director of Plantum) has been involved for several years in the debates on patents and breeder’s rights. See for example a publication on the “future of … Read more

Grassroots Science

socially driven alternatives that tackle global problems “Socially driven” initiatives, by for example farmers, consumers, civil society organisations, sometimes in collaboration with scientists, constantly emerge in the face of ­poverty, social injustice, hunger, natural resource degradation, environmental decline and other global problems. Some of these initiatives contain practices that promise more sustainable livelihoods for the … Read more

Beyond the commoditization of knowledge

Rethinking science and society relations Barbara van Dyck (Slow Science, fired at Catholic University of Leuven due to involvement in public protest against a Genetically Modified Potato field) Martijn Duineveld (assistant professor Cultural Geography) “Research on bees paid by the pesticide industry showing that it was not the pesticide that kills them…” (Zembla reportage, 12 … Read more

Farmer driven transformation

Farmer driven transformation in the Netherlands: sustainable practices and struggles with the state Dutch agriculture is one of the most productive in the world. This however seems to have come at a price. Disease outbreaks have led to the killing of more than 40 million animals in the last 14 years, it is the only … Read more