Make Agroecology work!

Grassroots Science Workshop This workshop is a follow up on the brainstorm session of the day before (Agroecology initiatives and the Netherlands), although you are also welcome if you didn’t manage come to that session. In an interactive manner, working groups will elaborate on existing ideas and initiatives, and ways to strengthen the movement for agroecology. Depending on … Read more

Down to Earth overleg

Een gezonde bodem is van levensbelang voor ons allemaal. Mee eens? Kom naar onze bijeenkomst op de Eemlandhoeve, op 23 maart! is een initiatief van burgers die het belang van een gezonde bodem in Nederland weer krachtig op de kaart willen zetten. Als individuen en organisaties in de veelkleurige reeks van bewegingen voor innovatie … Read more

Happy Birthday Wageningen UR

Food4All is the theme of University’s coming anniversary. But how does WageningenUR relate to providing healthy food for all? To raise some discussion about this topic, and to encourage a critical academic attitude towards it, we organise a Loesje poster-creating workshop, and see here some of the results:  


Live examples from Brazil and the Netherlands … … Should answers to health risks and environmental problems in agriculture be sought in technological innovations? Or can solutions maybe be found in a more close cooperation with nature and ecological principles? The agroecological movement is growing worldwide. It is working on answers in agriculture based on … Read more