Stage Louis Bolk & de Bolster

Aanbod Stageplaats bij Louis Bolk & de Bolster: Functionele biodiversiteit in kas en akkerrand Het Louis Bolk werkt samen met boeren en kastelers aan het verhogen van de functionele biodiversiteit in de akkerrand en in de kas. Door het zaaien van bloemen worden bestuivende insecten en natuurlijke vijanden van plagen op de akker en in … Read more

Loesje Poster Workshop

Food4All is the theme of University’s coming anniversary. But how does WageningenUR relate to providing food for all? To raise some discussion about this topic, and to encourage a critical academic attitude towards it, we organise a Loesje poster-creating workshop. These posters will surely raise some questions, and we hope that in their critical-but-fresh Loesje style they … Read more

Seed Swap

Spring is in the air! Come along to the Seed Swap taking place in Forum, Room 106. If you have any spare seeds or plants that you would like to swap or share, bring them along. Otherwise, just drop in for a look – you might find that cabbage you’ve always dreamed of. Admission free. … Read more

Green Party at WUR

students wanted! **** external announcement from WEP **** Lately VeSte and WEP have been developing ideas to start a green party in the Student Council. This idea has arised because there is only one party right now to be elected, which is VeSte. To give students more ideals and visions to choose from at the … Read more

Reclaim the Seeds

Agrobiodiversity, food production and farmer rights are at stake! Farmers are losing control over plant breeding and seed production. The expansion of patent laws driven by multinational corporations such as Monsanto further threaten this. This does not only mean farmers (and hobby gardeners!) always have to buy seeds every year, it also means they are … Read more

Do it yourself!

Waiting for others to make a better place? Transform your Town! Plenty of local initiatives are no longer waiting for others to make that change, and are fully embracing the do-it-yourself mentality. Do you know what is going on around you? Grassroots Science We would like to give space to our shared love for locally … Read more

Biovak 2013

Organic Agriculture National Event – Invitation On January 23&24 the national event on organic agriculture takes place. Every year farmers, consumers, retailers, researchers and others involved in organic agriculture and food come together at this organic trade fair, with plenty market stalls with information, products, and new ideas. Knowledge Corner A new element of the … Read more

Soil & Agroecology Workshop

Grassroots Workshop Soil is the basis of every form of sustainable agriculture. In this workshop, Irene Cardoso (from Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil), we will share practical field methods for soil quality using indicators like soil structure, organic matter, etc. This evening is part of setting up the academic garden EAT. During the year we will … Read more

civic ecology course

announcement from external organsiation: Civic Ecology: Blending Theory and Practice ~ Online Course Designed for professionals, upper level undergraduates, and graduate students engaged in civic ecology practices, including community gardening, community forestry, oyster restoration, bioswale gardening, invasive species removal, habitat restoration, and other community-based stewardship initiatives that integrate community and ecosystem outcomes. Through the 12-week … Read more