Stadslandbouw: Onmogelijk of Fabulous

–Unfortunately, the discussion evening will be in Dutch. Though, it is possible to get a translator. If you are interested in this evening contact us on before February 24th!– Op dinsdag 25 februari 2014 organiseert  Stichting Boerengroep ism de Social Eveningcie weer een erg interessante discussieavond voor jullie! Stadslandbouw: Onmogelijk of Fabulous?! Deze avond … Read more

Warm up with Farm Experience Internship!

Last summer a group of students from various countries and studies participated in Farm Experience Internship. After some days of preparation, they worked on farms for two weeks. Both students and farmers were enthusiastic about this experience. This Friday we meet to discuss the possibilities and ideas Farm Experience Internship 2014. The Farm Experience Internship is organized by … Read more