Capita Selecta Period 2: Hungry for foodwaste?

30-10: Foodwaste during Food Production with Jan Douwe van der Ploeg (WUR) and André Jurrius (Arable Farmer, the Lingehof) Location: ForumBuilding C317. We start at 19.30! See you there! Over one third of all food produced worldwide is wasted along the food chain. Ever wondered why this is the case? The series of lectures will … Read more

Oktober 8: Agroecology in practice: “Sharing the harvest of the FEI”

Last summer, the second edition of the Farm Experience Internship (FEI) was organized; a summer school about agro-ecology in practice. This international course brings together theoretical knowledge from students with the practical skills and knowledge from farmers. Students from different nationalities and backgrounds experienced the reality of local farms, searching for knowledge, practice, alternatives and … Read more

oktober 7: Bodem uit Balans!

De grond, de bodem; de basis van ons voedsel. Jaarlijks gaat circa 10 miljoen hectare bodem verloren, voor niets. De reden? Nutriënten uit de bodem worden door planten opgenomen in ons voedsel, zoals in bananen, koffie, rijst en alle andere producten. Wij verslepen deze over de hele wereld, van A naar B, maar… de nutriënten … Read more

October 5: Seeds exchange

This afternoon we will share the surplus! Welcomed at ecovillage Ppauw, an expert will treat you to an interesting mini lecture on seeds. We’ll show short documentaries on seed sovereignty in the Solar Cinema and have tours through the ecovillage and gardens. Afterwards we will share our surplus. Thus, bring all seeds that are surplus … Read more

September 30: Lezing: ‘Weten van (h)eerlijk eten’

*this Lecture is in Dutch*Op dinsdagavond 30 september organiseren Stichting Boerengroep en Voeding & Gezondheid studievereniging Di-et-Tri samen een lezing door Rineke Dijkinga. Ze is orthomoleculair- & natuurgeneeskundige en heeft zich gespecialiseerd in het effect van voeding op ons lichaam en brein. Gezonde voeding is nog altijd een van de belangrijkste pijlers van onze lichamelijke en … Read more

September 27: Excursion to sustainable projects in Amsterdam

Are you interested in sustainable food production and urban development? Join RUW Foundation and Farmer’s Foundation on their excursion to Amsterdam on the 27th of September! Together with the research and educational institute Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, RUW and Boerengroep will explore solutions to some of the challenges that cities face when it comes to quality of … Read more

September 17: Meet Us event

Are you interested in social, environmental or economic aspects of sustainability? Would you like to do or learn more about it? Join the GreenActive evening on Wednesday 17/09 in the Spot (Orion) to meet like-minded people from 7 Wageningen organizations. We start at 18.00 with interactive presentations and there will be a dinner at 19.00 … Read more

June 4: If Farming becomes Surviving

 Regularly, the media confront us with the latest facts about the reduction of the number of farms, and the lack of possibilities for young farmers to succeed. This is just part of the story, argues Ton Duffhues, Specialist Agriculture and Society at farmers organization ZLTO. He gives an overview of the social and economic difficulties … Read more

June 7: Farm visits excursion by bike

  Stichting Boerengroep organizes an bicycle excursion through the beautiful Dutch landscape to visit farms! So take your bicycle, and join us! We will gather at 09.00h at Radix and cycle to Hemmen! There we will visit the organic arable farm of Family Koopman , after which we will cycle further to the very diverse … Read more

Coffee moments this Summer

Normally the coffee moments are set on Thursdays from 10.30-11.30. We will drink coffee and hot agricultural topics will be discussed.  Tomorrow  (May 22th) and next Thursday (May 29th) there will be no coffee moment. Instead we will drink coffee and discuss hot agricultural topics on Wednesday the 28th at 10.30. See you all their! … Read more