August 5-27: Farm Experience Internship

The Farm Experience Internship (FEI) is a course (3 ECTS) created to bring together practice of the farmer and theory of the student, aiming to create bridges between University and farmers. Many educational institutes, in Europe and around the world have developed similar courses, internships or projects, in which students go for a practical experience … Read more

May 20: Suicide among farmers

Probably Dutch farmers commit suicide relatively often. ‘Probably’, because farmers are no separate category in Dutch suicide-statistics. Cultural anthropologist and writer Lizzy van Leeuwen recently published a study on ‘suicide in the countryside’, called ‘De hanenbalken’ (‘The Collar Beams’). In this lecture she builds the case that Dutch farmers commit suicide more often than other … Read more

May 9: Innovators in Agriculture and food systems: Closing Cycles

The debate can be seen back here A report is written (in Dutch) And an online discussion is going on Joel Salatin presentation in Zeewolde   This event is part of Grassroots Science, Debat serie: ‘It’s the Food, my friend’ and Salatin naar Nederland. On this evening the spotlights are on Joel Salatin; renowned by Time magazine as … Read more

May 6: Europees verkiezingsdebat: landbouw- en handelsbeleid: TTIP en ATM

  Voor een uitgebreid verslag van de avond lees:  Verslag-EU-verkiezingsdebat-Wageningen   Het EU verkiezingsdebat staat in de Boerderij Vandaag! (zie plaatje hiernaast) Het debat is terug te kijken via you tube Deze avond zullen we samen met kandidaten voor het Europees Parlement en vertegenwoordigers van boeren- en maatschappelijke organisaties een debat houden over het Europese … Read more

May 12: Movie: The little war of farmer Kok

We start with the movie The Little War of Farmer Kok (73 min., English subtitles). Farmer Kok and his two sons run a biological farm, close to the town of Amersfoort. They have to fight the town, which wants their land, and the national bureaucracy, which wants them to comply to rules they consider unreasonable. … Read more

17-18 May: Permaculture & agroecology introduction course (English!)

During the course the basics of permaculture & agroecology will be discussed and though several exercises you will discover how to apply this knowledge in your own life.   When: 17-18 May (10.00-16.00) Where: ClockHouse Building& forest garden ‘Pomonal’ More info: Price: Determined by you afterwards

April 9: How to be ‘Fresh’ , join the pioneers in the food movement

Farm Experience Internship will screen “Fresh”, a documentary by Ana Sofia Joanes about food movements, changes in the food systems that can lead us to a more sustainable agriculture and Fresh-er food! The screening will be followed by a discussion and interactive lecture with the permaculture expert Fransjan de Waard, his keywords are: Sustainable Food, Food … Read more

April 10: Fair Trade Discussion Evening

Boerengroep organizers together with Fair Trade Management Students  a discussion evening about Fair Trade. Is Fair Trade really fair? And for whom? With: Ir. Jan Hoekstra, International Development Management/Fair Trade Management Kasper Meulesteen, 4e jaars Fair Trade Management opleiding Fenny van Eshuis, Max Havelaar Bijnse Dankert, Journalist en criticus When: 10th April Time: 19.30-22h Where: … Read more

Cursus praktische permacultuur

*unfortunately this course is in Dutch* Permacultuur, hoe werkt dat in de praktijk? Wil je je eigen voedsel te verbouwen en je leven duurzamer te maken? Of Wordt je af en toe te moe van je (moes)tuin? Ben je op zoek naar nieuwe inzichten en inspiratie? In de cursus Permacultuur in de praktijk komen o.a. … Read more