October: Young Farmers Month

Young farmers are the future of food production. This month Boerengroep celebrates their dreams, innovations and achievements in developing sustainable and fair food systems. Despite many challenges, the new generation of farmers are resisting democgraphic trends and proving that farming is for everyone.   Oct 10: Weed Dating – a Speed date in the Garden … Read more

19 Oct: Greenhorns Movie Night – A film about Young Farmers

We’d like to invite you all for an inspiring Movie Night where we will follow the farmer activist collective The Greenhorns as they travel through North America, documenting the growing movement of young farmers (yeah!). Afterwards a meet & greet with a very special Greenhorn member….! Bring some wine, beers, snacks and let’s have a … Read more

Nov: Disco Soup!

Boerengroep will present the Disco Soup! Join us for some yummie veggies : ) Disco Soup is an international grassroots movement to raise awareness of food waste. Disco Soup originates from Slow Food Youth Deutschland, who devised the concept – “Schnippel Disko” – preparing otherwise-wasted vegetables within a party-like atmosphere, which has since been replicated … Read more

Boerengroep Interview met Sicco Mansholt 1976

Interview van Boerengroep met Sicco Mansholt uit 1976! Een paar dagen gelden kreeg ik een mailtje van Martijn de Groot, oud-redacteur van “De Nieuwsbrief” – het blad van de Boerengroep met kritische verhalen over de landbouw. Zo zou er in het 4e jaargang, nr 10 uit april 1976 nog een interview moeten staan met Sicco … Read more

Sept: Grassroot Science Series

Stichting Boerengroep, Otherwise and RUW joined forces in a month of Grassroot Science – Socially driven alternatives that tackle global problems. This month we dive into the world of antibiotics. World wide we see antibiotic resistance coming up, mainly due to the extensive use of antibiotics used by farmers to prevent the animals of getting … Read more