maart 19, 20: Bodem Anders

Bodem Anders komt voort uit de Voedsel Anders/ Food Otherwise beweging en wordt georganiseerd in het kader van het Jaar van de Bodem 2015  d 19 maart: Veld dag! Inspirerende excursies en uitwisseling langs innovatieve boeren en compostbedrijf. De Veld dag wordt mede georganiseerd door Van Iersel compost en Bij de Duinboeren , een club … Read more

March 26: Economic Partnership Agreements between the EU and Africa – who benefits?

The EU is currently negotiating “Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)” with various African states. These agreements have the goal to stimulate trade between the regions and thus promote economic prosperity. The idea is that African countries open up their markets to European imports, and receive customs-free access to the European market in exchange. However, the question … Read more

April 15-22 Permaculture Trip to England

From 15-22th of April we organize a permaculture trip to England. We will visit different permaculture initiatives, from urban to rural, which are managed individually or collectively and are focused on education or economic purposes! Date: April 15-22 Price: €200,- (including traveling, accomodation, food and visits) REstrictions: you should be a student or Phd candidate … Read more