Sept: Grassroot Science Series

Stichting Boerengroep, Otherwise and RUW joined forces in a month of Grassroot Science – Socially driven alternatives that tackle global problems. This month we dive into the world of antibiotics. World wide we see antibiotic resistance coming up, mainly due to the extensive use of antibiotics used by farmers to prevent the animals of getting … Read more

30 August: Excursion Food Forest Ketelbroek

Ketelbroek 30 august

Join us this summer to the first Food Forest of the Netherlands: Food Forest Ketelbroek!

This project started about 150.000 years ago, when in this region enormous glaciers of land ice coming from Scandinavia reached as far south as exactly this spot. Hence a relatively low place was created, surrounded by hills being pushed along.

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25-29 August Summer WWOOF Week II


After a big success with the first summer WWOOF week, we decided to organise a second week this summer! This time with even more farms and gardens in the Netherlands.

What is WWOOF?

WWOOF is a cultural exchange at a sustainable farm or garden, in which the sharing of life and culture are central. In order to truly experience the life of a farmer or gardener, you live and eat together with your host and you share knowledge and skills. You can go WWOOFing in almost every country in the world; and – yes – also in the Netherlands 🙂 Did you know that we have 45 WWOOF farms and gardens in the Netherlands?!

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