Workshop Dragon Dreaming with Dr. Felipe Simas

Dragon Dreaming

Dragon Dreaming – how to run outrageously successful projects

Consensual participatory strategic planning for projects and organisations in the field of Ecologically Sustainable Community Economic Development. Inspired in Australia’s aboriginal people, the latest scientific discoveries, Living Systems Theory, and Deep Ecology.


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25 April: Agroecology: bridging science, practice, movement

On the 25th of April the Wageningen University will host the event “AGROECOLOGY – bridging science, practice, movement. With key speakers Pablo Tittonell and Irene Maria Cardoso. Moreover there will be dance, local food, music and much more! AGROECOLOGY – bridging science, practice, movement Date: Monday 25th April Location: room C64, Leeuwenborch (Hollandseweg 1, Wageningen) Program: 18:00-19:20 … Read more