Masterclass with permaculture- and ecosystemdesigner Daniel Halsey

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This Thursday evening (15th November) Daniel Halsey, an internationally renowned designer of ecosystem restoring landscapes, both large and small, will hold a lecture/masterclass open to students and others interested. In current times with increasing need for changing landscape models and ways to cope with climate change, using ecosystem design could be one of the key answers!

This master class is interesting for anyone who is involved in developing landscapes, ecosystem restoration, and new forms of agriculture, peasantry, forestry and food supply. It will be open to students and others interested and takes place on November 15th in the Forum Building, C222.

Master-class with Daniel Halsey
“Designing diversified, ecologically based foodscapes of the Future’

Date: 15th November
Time: 19:30 coffee/tea
20:00 – 22:30
Location: Forum C222 (WUR CAMPUS) Droevendaalsesteeg 2
No registration and no entrance fee. Just show up on time.

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Voedselkaravaan Wageningen on 28th September

Voedselkaravaan1De Voedselkaravaan / The Food Caravan of VoedselAnders is coming to Wageningen on the 28th of September to put the transition towards more sustainable and fair food and agriculture on the agenda. In one evening there will be three events which you can either visit all three to have a full evening program, or just one or two of them: A buffet with movie screening, conversation with Michiel Korthals (philosopher), party with band.

Detailed program and more information on ‘de Voedselkaravaan’:

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Regardless the heat 24 participants followed this years FEI!

Farm Experience Internship 2018Thank you card FEI 2018

From 23rd – 27th of July Boerengroep organised a very successful Farm Experience Week, which is the first part of the Farm Experience Internship (FEI). Twenty-four participants, from eleven different nationalities, have completed a full week of workshops and excursions focused on agroecology as a science, a movement and a practice. This large diversity in nationalities and backgrounds offers a unique opportunity to learn from each other and to get into dialogues on sustainable ways of food production. Most of the participants are currently continuing their learning process by working alongside a farmer in a farm or garden somewhere in the Netherlands. The 5th of October all participants will meet once more to share their experiences and reflect on the theory and their learning processes.

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farm experience week posterThe Summercourse of Boerengroep is back this year in a slightly different form. This year we organise ONE inspiring week from July 23rd till July 27th. This week will be full of workshops, excursions, food and fun about topics as agroecology, soil, sustainable food systems and participatory research.

On top of this, we can still support you in finding a farm to work at.

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Food Otherwise Markets @Forum

Food Otherwise poster


The Farmer’s markets are back with a new focus! Meet local farmers and buy locally produced food at the Campus during lunch on May 24th and June 28th.

‘De Voedselkaravaan’ (Food Caravan) is travelling throughout the country and will also role into Wageningen in September this year. Before that time, we can already invite you to two Local Farmer’s Markets, which will turn the barren lands in front of Forum building at university campus into a lively and colourful space.

Keep an eye on this page for updates 🙂 and see our fb events

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17th MAY Kickoff for The Farm Experience Internship 2018

Since 2013 Boerengroep is organising the summer course ‘Farm Experience Internship’, or “The FEI”. The FEI origins from Brazil where students felt the need to bridge the gap between the university and the farmers, and decided to set up a course about agroecology, both in theory (2 weeks at the university) as well as in practice (2 weeks at the farm). The Farm Experience Internship is one little step forward in the fight against agribusiness, by connecting students with the reality and needs of farmers.

As we feel the same need, we are organising this course in Wageningen now for the sixth year in a row!

Want to know more about the FEI or do you feel like getting into the FEI for just an evening? Join us on the 17th of May for the Agroecology Evening – Kickoff for the FEI 2018!

And check out the FEI website!
















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Eurijn, Wageningens local currency

We are proud to announce that Boerengroep just opened an account at Eurijn, Wageningens local Currency! We encourage all of our friends in Wageningen and surroundings to do the same and to support the local economy. Look at their website for more information, or come to one of the local farmers markets that Boerengroep together … Read more

Spring Excursions 2018

Poster Spring Excursions for website
Spring officially started and the first flowers are popping up, excellent start thinking about going outside again and joining our spring excursions.

In April we’ll have 3 Spring excursions: the first will be on the 7th of April and will be to the Brandrood cattle farm in Ede, the second will be on the 14th of April and will go to ‘t Klaverbrook, dairy farm of a Wageningen student who loves to show you his place and the third will be on the 21st of April to the goat farm de Groote Stroe in Stroe.

Join us, subscribe now!

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March 27: Wageningen Dialogue – Cutting across the silos

bridging silos











With your fellow students you share the canteen for lunch, practise sports, and enjoy the vibrant student life of Wageningen. But do you know what these other students are up to the majority of their time? What do they learn during all those hours of studying? What is their perspective on global developmental issues? How do they face development challenges for sustainable food systems?

To help you find out, we from Boerengroep organize a world-cafe event: the Wageningen Dialogue ‘’Cutting across the silos’’.

27th of March
19:15 – 22:00
The Pavilion – 100 years location (Wageningen campus)
Organised by Boerengroep, in cooperation with Wageningen Dialogues

At every table you are encouraged to reflect upon real-life food systems challenges together with others.  Only together we can give shape to sustainable food systems!

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