17th MAY Kickoff for The Farm Experience Internship 2018

Since 2013 Boerengroep is organising the summer course ‘Farm Experience Internship’, or “The FEI”. The FEI origins from Brazil where students felt the need to bridge the gap between the university and the farmers, and decided to set up a course about agroecology, both in theory (2 weeks at the university) as well as in practice (2 weeks at the farm). The Farm Experience Internship is one little step forward in the fight against agribusiness, by connecting students with the reality and needs of farmers.

As we feel the same need, we are organising this course in Wageningen now for the sixth year in a row!

Want to know more about the FEI or do you feel like getting into the FEI for just an evening? Join us on the 17th of May for the Agroecology Evening – Kickoff for the FEI 2018!

And check out the FEI website!
















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