2019 – Exploring options for more circularity in farming

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18th January 12:30 – 13:30 @ Implulse, WUR Campus

On behalf of the Boerengroep team, I wish all of you an amazing 2019. We are looking forward to a year full of inspiring meetings and dialogues with students, farmers and other random creatures AND to organising events that facilitate those interactions. This year, we like to encourage you to cut throught the (scientific) silos, move beyond your personal boundaries and increasingly shift linear thinking to circular! Hereby, we like to invite you to join us for the Kick-off of the Circular Farming Platform during lunch on the 18th of January!

Circular agriculture is the future. Our minister of agriculture – Carola Schouten – has declared her vision “The Netherlands front runner in circular agriculture’’. Our executive board president Louise Fresco has recently announced a paradigm shift in agricultural science from improvement of productivity towards improvement of circularity. What is the next step to these beautiful ideas? How can we integrate circularity thinking into WUR education? Boerengroep has decided to take this topic of circular farming as it’s year theme! We will follow the developments and participate in this disucussion lively!

Join the kick-off of the Circular Farming Platform and see how you can contribute to the conversation!

Join us during lunch on Friday 18th of January for the Kick-off of the Circular Farming Platform! During this event you will get to know why we initiate this platform, who we are, how you can become active, and what you can expect. To emphasize the urgency of moving from linear to circular models in agriculture we have invited two guest speakers: Ekko van Ierland (WUR prof.) and Erik Goewie (emiritus prof.). They will both give their perspective on the need for this transition in a historical context (in 15 min).


WHY The Circular Farming Platform?
We are extremely thrilled with the words of the Dutch minister of agriculture and our executive board president and we agree that a paradigm shift is both urgent and necessary. Being aware of the enormous efforts it needs from all parties to make a paradigm shift reality, we take the initiative to raise this platform to facilitate space for dialogue to stimulate the transition in education (& research) towards improvement of circularity in farming. First of all, we aim to create awareness about the urgency to make this transition. Second, during our events we aim to gather perspectives and ideas from students and researchers from different fields and together we will write an advice to the Board of the University.

(1) Kick-off + introduction context (lunch event)
(2) Opportunities and boundaries for circular farming (lunch event)
(3) Open Dialogue (evening event)

Boerengroep: www.boerengroep.nl
Greenoffice: http://www.greenofficewageningen.nl/
Wageningen Environmental Platform: https://wageningenenvironmentalplatform.nl/
Smart Fertilization Network: http://www.smartfertilization.org/

More readings and events on Circular Farming:
*AgriForum – organises an evening on circular farming (in Dutch) on 14th of January – more information follows soon https://www.facebook.com/events/343564879762560/
*Circulair ondernemen (week 14-18 januari): https://www.circulairondernemen.nl/
*Winst met kringlooplandbouw: http://kringlooplandbouw.nl/

*Circular agriculture, a good idea?, Imke de Boer (WURcast)