Het Nederlandse lanbouwbeleid: waar gaan we heen?

On December 4th there was a fruitful discussion on Dutch agricultural policy under the pleasure of a drink in Café Loburg. As a reaction on the nitrogen discussion and farmers protests, Boerengroep decided to look at the problem from a bit of distance, and discuss the fundamental mechanisms which lead to repeated crises over the course of history. Together we can use this reflection moment to look into the future.

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Womens’ Rights in Agriculture – report about our event co-organized with ActionAid

On Monday the 9th of December, ActionAid, an Amsterdam-based NGO that actively promotes women’s (land) rights in developing countries, came to Wageningen to give a presentation. We started the night with an energizing activity. Everyone got a paper saying who they were, for example a married woman without children who inherited farming land but now … Read more

Vacancy: Social Media Coordinator

Do you want to be involved with Boerengroep, help to connect students and farmers and give voice to alternative, sustainable ways of farming? Are you, above that, a communication wizard and do you know exactly what grasps people’s attention on Facebook and Instagram? Or are you interested to learn more about the depths and potential … Read more

Agro-Ecology Europe Forum 2019

The Agro-Ecology Europe Forum took place last September for the second time. This year the island of Crete was the set destination. From all over Europe, farmers, researchers, policy makers and students gathered to discuss different topics within agro-ecology. This year the focus was on how to mainstream agro-ecology and how to strenghten the movement. … Read more

Permaculture in Kenya

One of the first events co-hosted by Stichting Boerengroep in October 2019 was the “Permaculture in Kenia” lecture by Philip Odhiambo Munyasia. Philip comes from Mitume, a slum close to the city of Kitale in Western-Kenya and arrived in Wageningen as part of his tour throughout Europe to present the “OTEPIC” project.

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Together towards Circular Farming: annual forum – What was said?

Here you can find a rendition of almost everything that has been talked about during the Circular Farming Annual Forum, that was held on the 10th of October in Orion. A shorter article-version will follow. 10.10 Together towards Circular Farming: Annual Forum Introduction Circular Farming Platform Wageningen First there was an introduction about and by … Read more

Dialogue Brazil

Dialogue with Indigenous Leaders from Brazil

Thursday 31st of October Boerengroep is hosting, together with Greenpeace and the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy group, a delegation of leaders of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil.

Location Impulse, 17:00-19:00.

Deforestation, land grabbing, exploitation of labour and rampant use of pesticides threaten the environment and people in Brazil. That is why APIB – Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation – is touring Europe: to inform its citizens and to move governments and businesses towards action.At this unique event at Impulse, you have the opportunity to connect with these Indigenous leaders.