The Beginner’s Guide to Boerengroep

Do you long for connection to the food-growing community? There are many paths in life that can lead a person to The Beginner’s Guide to Boerengroep – what matters the most is that you have arrived here. Whether you are new to Wageningen, or simply new to Boerengroep, you are probably aware of the importance … Read more

What’s going on with this nitrogen crisis?

Tractors blocking highways, angry farmers, Dutch flags that are turned upside down, the minister of agriculture resigns and Dutch society seems increasingly polarized around a common chemical compound called nitrogen. What is going on? Boerengroep has selected 8 articles plus a podcast and ordered them in themes, so you can get a full grasp of … Read more

A summer at the Farm Experience Internship: an agroecological experience!

Photo credits: Álvaro Micheletti Interviewed: Álvaro Micheletti (co-organizer of the FEI and Chair of Boerengroep) By: Anouk Borsboom (MOA-student and member of the Boerengroep) What is the Farm Experience Internship, why do you organise it? “In the practice of farming there are things that are not reducible to science. The FEI builds on and is … Read more

Boerengroep 50 Years Reunion

[Nederlands hieronder]   On May 21, the long-anticipated Boerengroep and Inspringtheater 50-year reunion finally took place. Finally, because the anniversary of this organization, which is close to many people’s hearts, was set for 2021. Back in 2019, we started thinking about all the great things we could do, but then came – and this is … Read more

Toekomstboeren Agroecology Training

14&15 May: AGROECOLOGY TRAINING [English below] Op 14 & 15 mei organiseert Toekomstboeren samen met het Agroecologie Netwerk en de La Via Campesina Europa een agroecologie training voor boeren, activisten en onderzoekers. De training behandelt thema’s zoals regeneratieve landbouw, toegang tot land, commoning, dekolonisatie en bewegingsopbouw. Wil je leren over agroecologische transformatie? Ervaring opdoen met … Read more

Small reflection on Fair Income for Farmers I

Last week Wednesday the introduction of the fair income for farmers events took place. Even though it was very sunny and warm outside, still quite some people showed up. First, Elske introduced the topic. It was surprising to hear that so many farmers in the Netherlands earn below the minimum, especially if you don’t take … Read more

Vacancy: Coordinator Boerengroep

Stichting Boerengroep is looking for a new coordinator as of 1 May 2022. Organization Stichting Boerengroep bridges the gap between agricultural practice and agricultural theory. Boerengroep is committed to healthy and social agriculture and organizes activities for this purpose that stimulate a critical attitude among students and farmers, such as excursions and working days at … Read more