10th of June: excursion De Bolster



Within the world of seeds, discussions on patenting, genetic modification and protection of biodiversity are still going strong. Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer seem the only important names on the world market. But not far from Wageningen, a relatively small Dutch family company specialised in organic seeds has made fame of its own. Join Boerengroep to De Bolster this June and see for yourself how seeds are grown.

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25 June: Allemaal Lokaal excursion to dairy farm

allemaal lokaal

Importing soy from Latin America, so that we can feed our cows in Europe and eat cheap meat. Most people are not in favour of this production method. But what to do?

Farmer Gerjo and gardener Fred from the dairy farm Ruimzicht have one mission: to have a 100% local production system with care and attantion for the animals, the people and the environment. Their vision is to work as locally as possible, sponsor – and empower – the local economy, instead of the multinationals. They sell ‘amazon free milk and meat’ since the cows are fed with locally produced food. Moreover the farm generates its own energy and sells its products locally: in the farm shop, in the region via veggy bags and part of the cheese goes to Germany. Join the excursion to hear the full story! There’s also lots of food to taste, jummie!

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30 August: Excursion Food Forest Ketelbroek

Ketelbroek 30 august

Join us this summer to the first Food Forest of the Netherlands: Food Forest Ketelbroek!

This project started about 150.000 years ago, when in this region enormous glaciers of land ice coming from Scandinavia reached as far south as exactly this spot. Hence a relatively low place was created, surrounded by hills being pushed along.

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