excursion groenen hof

Excursion Groenen Hof On Saturday the 7th of September we will go to ‘De Groenen Hof’. It is a biodynamic farm, which multiplies and designs vegetable seeds. René Groenen, the owner wants to contribute to the development of vegetable breeds, biodiversity, plant science and feed quality. He will give us a tour around his farm … Read more

Farm Excursion Series

The cows are outside. What about you? … … These excursions will bring you just what you need: a fresh nose, inspiration to support innovative farmers with your (future) research work, or maybe become one yourself….? Wednesday June 5: Grote Voort Lunteren and Ecofields, 13-18h, costs €5 Innovative alternative Dairy farm and Cheesemakers – Organic … Read more

Chicken Excursion

On wednesday the 16th of November, we will organise a mini bike excursion to a research project that currently takes place at Unifarm/Droevendaalfarm, part of Wageningen University. The research is about how organic chickens grow on a diet that contains less (-30%) than the normal average feed intake of concentrate. This diet makes the chickens forage to … Read more