Water Justice!

part of Grassroots Science Based on their experiences of the world water forum 2012 and the alternative world water forum 2012, both held in Marseille, Rossella, Giacomo and Sara, will present the narratives and discourses  that dominate thinking about water and promising counter narratives. Rutgerd Boelens, Associate Professor irrigation and water management and Visiting Professor … Read more


Contemporary politics, indegenous people, and environment in Bolivia Ricardo Calla, antropologist and former Minister of Peasant and Indigenous Affairs in Bolivia, has a long history of working with indigenous people in the Andes.  In Bolivia, indigenous people form a majority of the population and therefore, possess significant political power. However, economic power is in the … Read more


Agroecology as a science, movement and a practice: can it feed the world? Irene Cardoso, Vice president of the Brazilian Agroecology Association (ABA), Soil Scientist at The Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), and Coordinator of the Center for Alternative Technology of Zona da Mata (CTA-ZM) In this lecture Irene Cardoso will discuss some questions that … Read more