Permaculture in Kenya

One of the first events co-hosted by Stichting Boerengroep in October 2019 was the “Permaculture in Kenia” lecture by Philip Odhiambo Munyasia. Philip comes from Mitume, a slum close to the city of Kitale in Western-Kenya and arrived in Wageningen as part of his tour throughout Europe to present the “OTEPIC” project.

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Together towards Circular Farming: annual forum – What was said?

Here you can find a rendition of almost everything that has been talked about during the Circular Farming Annual Forum, that was held on the 10th of October in Orion. A shorter article-version will follow. 10.10 Together towards Circular Farming: Annual Forum Introduction Circular Farming Platform Wageningen First there was an introduction about and by … Read more

Farmers’ Tales: Elske Hageraats from the Ommuurde Tuin

Boerengroep decided to re-introduce the Farmers’ Tales! This is a platform for dialogue on the practices and politics, narratives and nuances of food production. It’s a place to meet up with other students, PhD’ers and researchers who are academically engaged with farmers worldwide. Next year, we plan to regularly have a farmer (or researcher) tell … Read more

Sustainability Day 2019 – Towards circular farming: annual forum

  SUSTAINABILITY DAY 2019 – Towards circular farming: annual forum. Assessing the work in progress. October 10, 2019 | WUR, Wageningen PROGRAM 12:00-12:20 Walk-in, tea/coffee 12:20-12:35 General welcome, Introduction 12:40-14:00 THEME 1: Education and circular farming What does a paradigm shift towards circularity mean in education? Introduction by a speaker & panel discussion 14:00-14:20 Break … Read more

Recap Reclaim the Seeds 2019!

  After months of planning, Reclaim the Seeds, Wageningen Edition, took place on the 30th of March. It was a bright, sunny day, putting everyone in a summer mood, and making it a perfect day to celebrate agro-biodiversity, sustainable food production and to reclaim our right to freely swap and share unpatented, GMO-free seeds! The … Read more