Article in The Guardian: The small Dutch town that wants to shape the future of your food

Students in Droevendaal Food Forest                   Around the end of October, a journalist from the Guardian approached Boerengroep to learn more about the critical student movement in Wageningen University. We met with her and as we walked around campus, we talked about the University, and how Boerengroep … Read more

Docu-night: Inhabit

.On Thursday the 30th of January, we watched Inhabit – A permaculture perspective. The interest and excitement beforehand was nice to see, and we were very happy so many people showed up! The movie explains permaculture as not being a thing, but a way of thinking: it is about a process of design. The word … Read more

Looking back at our Local Farmers’ Fair

Looking back at our Local Farmers’ Fair   On the 30th of January, we had our first Farmers’ Fair of the year! A wonderful moment for students and Farmer Fair enthusiasts to start the year off right and to buy sustainable (Valentine) gifts! The market took place in a very central place on the university, … Read more

Farmers’ Tales: Highlights of Petra, Jesse and Jessica. And what’s up next?

In the last few Fridays before the well-deserved Christmas-break at the WUR, the speaker’s corner of Impulse was again occupied by lots of interesting students who came to enrich their lunchbreak. It was time for Farmers’ Tales; a series of dialogue where farmers, researchers or students are invited to share their experiences and tales on … Read more

Womens’ Rights in Agriculture – report about our event co-organized with ActionAid

On Monday the 9th of December, ActionAid, an Amsterdam-based NGO that actively promotes women’s (land) rights in developing countries, came to Wageningen to give a presentation. We started the night with an energizing activity. Everyone got a paper saying who they were, for example a married woman without children who inherited farming land but now … Read more