Farming in times of corona

Today, April 17, is the International Day of Peasant Struggle – a day to highlight the persecution and violence suffered by peasants and farmers around the world on a daily basis as a result of neoliberal policies. This year, peasants face a new challenge of yet another sanitary crisis. Our focus is on France and … Read more

The role of (agro)biodiversity in times of crisis

Louise Vercruysse   What do the corona-crisis, climate change and the Dutch nitrogen crisis have in common? They all sparked a new interest in an otherwise often neglected debate, namely the one about biodiversity and how humanity has chosen to order the natural environment. Here’s an overview and an opiniated conclusion. Biodiversity loss and climate … Read more

FEI 2020 : registration is now open !

Click here to sign up or copy the following link : The FEI is a growing movement, that is being co-created by peasants, farmers, gardeners, scientists, students, activists, NGOs and agroecological companies – working together towards a sustainable, healthy, viable food system that is fair for the earth, the consumer and the producer. Together, … Read more

Looking for an interesting thesis? Boerengroep can help!

Stichting Boerengroep (Farmers Foundation) collects thesis topics, requested from farmers, movements, and students, in order to bridge the gap between theory and practice. PROPOSE A TOPIC. Do you have an interesting topic related to food, farming, agroecological movements etc.? Send us a mail and we’ll post it on our site and in our newsletter: FIND … Read more

New data shows: we are losing 22 farms a day in the Netherlands.

We live in a world where 1 out of 9 people suffer from hunger – some 815 million people in total. Eighty percent of them live in rural areas and are directly dependent on agricultural practices: small scale farmers (“peasants”), landless rural workers, fishers, shepherds, pastoralists, hunters and gatherers etc. (FAO 2017 ; Tittonell, 2015). … Read more

Beginning Farmers – let your voice be heard!

Are you: A beginning farmer, with approximately 10 years or less of farm management experience, A first generation farmer who didn’t take over an existing family farm? Then, please consider taking a 20-minute, confidential online survey (available in Dutch or English). In addition, all survey respondents can elect to enter a drawing for a €50 … Read more

civic ecology course

announcement from external organsiation: Civic Ecology: Blending Theory and Practice ~ Online Course Designed for professionals, upper level undergraduates, and graduate students engaged in civic ecology practices, including community gardening, community forestry, oyster restoration, bioswale gardening, invasive species removal, habitat restoration, and other community-based stewardship initiatives that integrate community and ecosystem outcomes. Through the 12-week … Read more