Regreening Days Wageningen 27 – 30 Augustus


When other student organisations offer ‘ontgroeningsweken’, the Green Active Network of Wageningen offers students in the week after the Annual Introducation Days (AID) the REGREENING. During the REGREENING students get to know all the ins and outs about living green and sustainable minded in Wageningen.

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The regreening days are all about getting familiar with the ‘green scene’ of Wageningen. During the 4 day program you will visit all the green hot-spots, meet green-minded people, grow food and participate in workshops by some of the green organisations of Wageningen. Also, you will experience sustainable living at Ppauw Ecovillage since you will be camping there during the regreening days.

If you are interested in sustainability, this is the perfect way to start the new academic year in Wageningen and discover how we can together make your greenest dreams come true.

Boerengroep is part of the Green Active Network. Therefore, we will organise a tour to ‘De Ommuurde tuin‘ as excursion in the program of the regreening. De Ommuurde Tuin is the historical vegetable garden of King Willem III. Currently they grow 450 different types of edible vegetables and herbs