Agroecology Experience Evening 1st of June at De Hoge born


To all Students, Farmers and fellow Agroecologists!

1st of June !! we gather to learn more about Agroecology, share past experiences from the Farm Experience Intership (FEI) and celebrate the coming FEI, which takes place from 24th of July till 18th August 2017!

Start at 19:00 at the local organic farm ‘De Hoge Born’ with VEGAN KEBAB (€2,-)  At 9 pm we will move to the Creative Garden for Pizza Party. Come and join this lovely evening on the FEI and Agroecology!

Thursday 1st June: Agroecology Experience Evening
19:00 Opening at organic farm ‘De Hoge Born‘ (Wageningen)
21:00 Pizza party at the Creative Garden

Everyone who is interested is invited to join this evening! There will be given a talk about Agroecology; as a movement, practice and science. ALso, we are very eager to hear your inputs for the program.

What is the Farm Experience Internship?:
Every summer De Boerengroep organizes a 3-ECTS Summer School, which intends to bring together theoretical knowledge from students with practical skills and knowledge from farmers. Are you interested in growing your own food, discovering local knowledge and practices on organic farms in the Netherlands? Do you want to learn about agroecology, food sovereignty and sustainable food systems? Or would you like to interact and discuss with farmers to find creative, innovative ways of farming? Join the FEI 2017! Have a look at the FEI-webpage.