Agroecology in the Netherlands

Is there a movement?

Agroecology offers a new perspective on the organisation and management of food systems, natural resources and their connection with society. While the concept is in a continuous state ofdevelopment it has strong practical and scientific expressions with prospects for the further integration of human and nature and of agriculture and ecosystems. But agroecology is also about mobilizing and uniting people, networking and creating a movement! How is agroecology developing in the Netherlands?  What agroecological experiences can we find today? And can we talk about the emergence of an agroecology movement?

Kees van Veluw (farming systems ecology group and chief editor Ekoland) and Eric Goewie (emeritus professor ecological agriculture) will presenttheir perspective on the topic. The organisational team of The Farm Experience Internship (FEI) will present a new course and talk about the significance it could have for formal education and the agroecology network in the Netherlands.

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When: Thursday 4 July, 19:30
Where: Forum building, Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen
Organisation: Otherwise, Boerengroep, FEI
This evening is part of Grassroots Science Series