Biovak 2013

Organic Agriculture National Event – Invitation
On January 23&24 the national event on organic agriculture takes place. Every year farmers, consumers, retailers, researchers and others
involved in organic agriculture and food come together at this organic trade fair, with plenty market stalls with information, products, and new ideas.

Knowledge Corner
A new element of the Biovak is the Knowledge Corner. Here you will find researchers and farmers connected to research institutes like Louis Bolk Institute, DLV, PPO, Biokennis and Rikilt. The Knowledge Corner has an international atmosphere and is the perfect place to network to find research opportunities  and other valuable contacts.

Positive Energy
Mr de Hoop, one of the organisers of the Biovak, “i want to congratulate the young people who organised the “Wageningen debate”, it was like a present to me. I very much value the contribution of young people to the important discussions of pluriformity in science and sustainable agriculture.” To celebrate this, and to sustain the positive energy of the debate, he offers you free entrance to the Biovak.

Join us
You are invited to join us to the Biovak in January. If you wish to receive
a free entrance ticket, please contact Boerengroep before
Wednesday January 16.

On Thursday January 24 Boerengroep visits Biovak during the day, you are welcome to travel with us and share travel costs, in which case you will have to let us know before Tuesday January 22 the latest, so we can arrange transport. People who want to travel together
on Wednesday evening January 23 can contact Luc Steinbuch, on Wednesday Jan 16 the latest.