Capita Selecta Period 2: Hungry for foodwaste?

30-10: Foodwaste during Food Production with Jan Douwe van der Ploeg (WUR) and André Jurrius (Arable Farmer, the Lingehof)
Location: ForumBuilding C317. We start at 19.30! See you there!

Over one third of all food produced worldwide is wasted along the food chain. Ever wondered why this is the case? The series of lectures will track food waste along the food supply chain: production, distribution, retailing, consumption and closing the cycle. The lectures are open for everybody. We will look at the challenges and opportunities arising in these parts of the chain, what policy makers, big and small business, civil society and consumers are doing or could do to decrease food waste.

INCLUDING Lectures from AHOLD, dumpster diving, excursion to Food Bank, tracking your own food waste behavior and much more!

WHEN? Every Tuesday and Thursday evening of 2nd period. The lectures start at 19.30 to 21.30. 28 Oct – Food production 30 Oct – Food distribution 04 Nov – Retailing 06 Nov – Consumption 11 Nov – Closing the cycle 13 Nov – Shooting documentary 22 Nov – Excursion: Food Bank Wageningen t.b.a. – Movie night

CAPITA SELECTA (RSO-67303) Activities of this course are open to everyone. In order to obtain 3 ECTS under the supervision of RSO you have to follow all lectures (incl. excursion) and make an assignment. You will be graded on the documentary (group work, 40%) and a photo diary (individual work, 60%).

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