Address (both visiting and mail):

Stichting Boerengroep
Generaal Foulkesweg 37,
Room 2015 (top floor)
6703 BL Wageningen

Phone:  +31(0)683789840 (Boerengroep)

KvK: 41046039
Bank Account: NL20TRIO 0390517992


Boerengroep core team, June 2017

Would you like to get involved with Boerengroep?

  • Join our excursions, lectures, summer course and much more!
    Check out our agenda with coming events, subscribe for our Newsletter or like our Facebook page. For active discussions, you can become a member of our FB group.
  • Join the team
    Would you like to be actively involved with the Boerengroep team? Send us a mail with a short motivation and info about yourself. Note that you can also do your internship with Boerengroep – more info about that on our site internships.
  • Find a thesis topic with us
    Are you looking for a thesis topic regarding agroecology, food sovereignty, peasant/family farming? Boerengroep has a broad network around the world. Feel free to contact us for an appointment and we can suggest contacts regarding your field of interest
  • Contact us for co-hosting an event / suggest an excursion (to your farm?) / propose a thesis topic for students
    Boerengroep works together with chairgroups at the Wageningen University, like Rural Sociology Group (RSO) and Farming Systems Ecology (FSE), with organisations, like ILEIA, ASEED, Milieudefensie and Toekomstboeren, with foundations like St. Otherwise and RUW, with International research and advocacy institutes, like TNI, with international human rights organizations, like FIAN, and Educational Institutes like VHL and Warmonderhof. We work closely together with farmers unions, since we are part of platform Aarde Boer Consument (ABC, ‘Earth Farmer Consumer’). Moreover, we work together with students and PhDers of the Wageningen University, supporting and encouraging them to organize activities they find important to address, e.g. a symposium or movie screening. Are you organizing an event related to one of our topics and would you like to work together with us? Feel free to contact us for more info:

Boerengroep Board

Maarten de Graaff (Chair)
Pauline Martel (Secretary)
Esther van Hoof (Treasurer)
Eva van Dijk (Coordinator excursions)
Marthe Hadewych van Russen Groen (Boardmember)
Sanne van Leeuwen (Boardmember)
Elske Hageraats (Boardmember)
Pablo van Neste (Boardmember)
Chen Wang (Boardmember)
Louise Vercruysse (Boardmember)
Malik Dasoo (Boardmember)
Annika Pankow (Boardmember)
Maria-Franca Dekkers (Boardmember)
Yanina Willet (Boardmember)

Interns of 2018/2019:

Nozomi Kaya (Japan) (Coordinator Farmers Tales)
Eva van Dijk (Netherlands) (FEI)
Maria-Franca Dekkers (Netherlands) (FEI)


Patricia Lemmens (Boerengroep)
Geertje Klaver (Inspringtheater)