Do it yourself!

Waiting for others to make a better place? Transform your Town!

Plenty of local initiatives are no longer waiting for others to make that change, and are fully embracing the do-it-yourself mentality. Do you know what is going on around you?

Grassroots Science
We would like to give space to our shared love for locally charged positive change and grassroots science! This evening will be organized as a meet & greet in the spirit of the EAT ME initiative. We will have speakers that will elaborate on that energize the Transition Towns Movement and the initiatives that have sprung up under this organization. Be prepared for an excitingly collaborative and interactive evening of empowerment from the grassroots!

Transition Towns
Transition Towns is a border defying grassroots movement of concerned citizens who wish to tackle
the big issues of our day bottom up. Their activities are centered around the creation of sustainable communities who can deal with Peak Oil as well as with climate change. Their topics include a wide array of possibilities dependent on each location. As for Wageningen the Transition Towns initiative focuses amongst other things on Energy and localizing food production!

What to expect
On a short interactive journey you will discover your connection to the initiatives. Professor Arjen Wals will spice up the local with some
theoretical. Together with several students, TTVallei’s one and only Esther Schoenmaker will present an overview of Transition Towns worldwide. Next, Transition Towns Vallei (our region) will show what is going on at the moment: get to know the edible forest, wind-energy working group, permaculture garden, or a still-under-construction food bank garden initiative. Finally, you will get a glimpse of the many other inititatives that are happening just around the corner. It was never easier to meet them!

when: Wednesday January 23 at 19:30
where: Forum building in Wageningen
register: here
organised by: WEP, Transition Towns Vallei, Otherwise, and Boerengroep

At this Do it Yourself! -evening you can meet & greet the following organisations:


This evening is part of the Grassroots Science series.