PruimGeluk Plum Orchard Pruning Day 2022

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Date(s) - 19/03/2022
09:00 - 16:00



Last year PruimGeluk saved an old plum orchard from being uprooted. With 550 trees of 18 different varieties, it can without a doubt be regarded as a santuary for (agro)biodiversity and cultural history.
Although its wildness conjures up a sense of magic, the orchard and its trees are in bad shape due to years of neglect. Some care is highly needed! Therefore we will start this year with pruning the trees that need it the most.
You don’t need to have prior experience pruning fruit trees, since the experienced fruit orchard caretaker Rowan Phillips will show us how its done and guide us throughout the day.
We intent to leave from the Lexkesveer Ferry in Wageningen by bike to the orchard, which will take us ~30 minutes.
If cycling is really not an option for you, a car can be organized. The ferry costs €1,10 and can be payed cash or by (debit)card.
It will be a day of physical work and you may get dirty. Make sure to wear appropriate shoes/boots and workwear. If you happen to have pruning equipment, from small shears to pruning saws, please take them with you.
A warm, vegan lunch will be included!
If you want to join, please fill in the form following this link: